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Anupama 12th April 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 12th April 2023, written update on

After handing over her dance academy to Samar and Dimple, Anupama leaves feeling relaxed. A song called Bandeya Re Bandeya plays in the background. Pakhi confronts Samar about supporting his girlfriend and ousting her academy’s mummy/Anupama. Samar warns her to keep her tongue in check.

In the meantime, Kinjal asks them to stop. Dimple receives a message from her lawyer telling Samar that her divorce will be finalized in the next hearing. Samar happily embraces her, leaving Pakhi and others feeling disgusted, so they leave. She stops at a printing press and says she wants to create a dancing poster.

Anupama shows the man different posters on his computer. She suggests changes and says it’s a new start. The man suggests including her photo on the poster. Anupama gives her a photo. The man asks for her address. Anupama asks him to leave that space blank since she’ll fill it in later. He prints the poster and offers her tea. She smiles and thanks him. Anupama returns with the poster and thanks him. She closes her eyes and imagines Little Anu and Anuj signalling it’s good. She pays and leaves.

Anupama thanks Anuj for being there with her always mentally, but not physically, and says nobody can do what he did for her; the moments spent with him are her life’s most beautiful moments; he changed her life and gave her wings to fly across the entire sky and reach new heights. The title track of Serial plays in the background as she takes a picture with wings.

Anuj recalls Vanraj’s words as he sits on a park bench. Barkha checks office files and thinks she should call Anuj and get more details. She calls Anuj. Maaya answers. Barkha says she wants to talk to Anuj. Maaya says Anuj hasn’t returned from shopping yet.

Barkha asks if shopping and roaming have already begun. Maaya informs Anupama that Vanraj was here. Vanraj buys gifts for her mother and brother, thinking whatever he cannot do as a husband, he will do as a friend. Maaya describes what Vanraj told Anuj and says she knows he is upset. Barkha says Anuj may not have liked Vanraj’s words, but maybe he would have liked them. Maaya says she is not like Barkha, who finds happiness in others’ sorrows.

She taunts Maaya that she finds happiness in another’s husband, Maaya must be happy keeping Anuj there, but she can call Anuj back in an hour. Maaya says Barkha won’t do that since she doesn’t want to lose the Kapadia empire.

Maaya’s happiness lies with Anuj, Barkha says, and she wants him away from Kapadia Empire to make her happy. Maaya strikes a deal with her. Ankush hears her and says she can’t break his brother’s house. As Barkha says, Anuj, himself is doing this; she fears that Anuj’s acts will lead to Kapadia Empire’s collapse.

Vanraj holds Anupama. Anupama asks what Mr Shah is doing here. Vanraj says that one should address friends by name. He brings her a sari and gifts for her brother and mother. Anupama refuses to accept them. As a gift, Vanraj says he’s giving her to her as a friend. Anupama says he cooked up friendships faster than children could. He says their friendship was from before. Anupama asks what is enmity if that is friendship. Vanraj asks if it is necessary to complicate each conversation with old discussions.

It is late at night, and he can offer gifts to her mother and brother tomorrow, and their decision is theirs. Anupama asks if it is necessary to repeat his actions every time.

In Mumbai, Vanraj met Anuj. Anupama asks how he is doing. It is Vanraj’s opinion that Anuj is fine, and he was shopping with Maaya; he thought Anuj was suffering without her, but he didn’t even ask about her; Anupama at least asked about Anuj, but Anuj did not; will she not ask what they discussed and what Anuj did with Maaya?

Anupama thanked god that Anuj went out as Dheeraj told him he had been confined in a house, maybe he was shopping for Little Anu. She asks why he is telling her all this. Vanraj says to inform her that Anuj has moved on and she can share her sorrows with him. When Anupama asks where he came in between, she says she will share her sorrows with her brother, mother and bapuji and not him. They aren’t that close, so she won’t be sharing her sorrows with him. But he says yes, but.

She walks into Kanta’s house and locks the door, feeling upset. Anupama asks if Anuj was around when he bought this sari. Anuj stands silent. Anupama says his silence gave her the answer.

A dance class poster doesn’t appear to have an address, so Bhavesh asks Anupama why. Kanta says Anupama can use her house. Anupama transforms the house into a dance school. Anuj rants about cold drink bottles. Devika tells him that the one he left is still in his heart.

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