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Anupama 25th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Anupama 25th May 2023 Written Episode,

Vanraj and Barkha smile at Kanta as she passes by, exchanging glances as they discuss being cautious with their plan. Ankush then announces the performance of Sample/Samar and Dimpy. As Samar is overcome with emotion, missing Sweety, Dimpy’s expression turns sour as she wonders why these people cry so easily. She points out how Paakhi didn’t even think twice about skipping her brother’s wedding, yet he is crying for her. Samar admits to fighting with Paakhi but also loving her more than anyone else. Anupama tries to lift his spirits by reminding him that God always has something good in store for them; while Sweety may return, these precious moments will not. Vanraj agrees with her sentiment. Samar and Dimpy take the stage and perform the song Kar Thaiya Thaiya.. to a round of applause from the audience. Anupama then performs their nazar and encourages Kavya to join them on stage. However, Kavya declines, insisting that she is perfectly fine where she is.

Ankush takes the stage with the song “Yamma Yamma,” joined by Samar and Toshu. As they perform, Anupama becomes upset at Maaya’s constant touch on Anuj. The audience applauds after their performance and Kinjal, the new host, asks for the next act. Maaya excitedly drags Anuj on stage, followed by Vanraj and Anupama who will perform as parents. As Anuj recites a poem in his mind while looking at Anupama, they all dance to the song “Humko Maloom Hai Ishq Masoom Hai.” Amidst their performance, Anuj reminisces about the events that led to their separation and imagines a barrier between them. They eventually break through it with difficulty. Anuj then expresses his desire to reveal what happened when he left Mumbai to meet her. Encouraged by Anupama, he snaps out of his imagination and decides to finally confess the secret he has been holding in his heart for a month.

After their performance, the family joins in on the Punjabi Wedding Song and dances joyously. Anupama excitedly pulls Kavya onto the stage while Vanraj makes his way towards her. However, Kavya suddenly feels unwell and hurriedly rushes to the bathroom. Anupama follows her worriedly. Meanwhile, Maaya notices that Anuj is watching Anupama intently and becomes anxious that he might reveal their secret. After a few moments, Maaya comes out of the bathroom where she was waiting for Kavya. Anupama then questions Kavya suspiciously if she is pregnant, to which Kavya nods in confirmation. Overjoyed, Anupama congratulates her and performs a nazar (an act of warding off evil) for her well-being. She then asks if all the necessary tests have been done and if the baby is healthy. Kavya reassures her that everything is fine and expresses her happiness at finally having a reason to live because of this child. She opens up about always wanting to be a mother but being denied by Vanraj’s reluctance; she even admits to feeling envious of Anupama’s close relationship with her children but finding solace when

Anupama believes that informing Vanraj about the pregnancy may resolve their differences. She advises Kavya to not go through the journey alone. Kavya expresses her wish to stay with Anupama if she weren’t busy. However, Anupama reassures her that she can call anytime and shares her joy of becoming a mother. She speaks to her unborn baby, urging them to take care of themselves and their little one. This brings a smile to Kavya’s face, prompting her to ask if Anupama has spoken to Anuj yet. Anupama recalls how Vanraj interrupted their conversation before Anuj could explain everything about his sudden departure from Mumbai to meet her. She adds that sometimes it is necessary to listen and speak a few words, and she is waiting for Anuj to open up. In the meantime, Vanraj is searching for Anupama. Sensing Maaya’s tension, Anuj tries to quietly leave but stops midway when he sees her becoming anxious. To ease the situation, he engages in conversation with Anupama before leaving again.

He apologizes to Anupama and holds her feet. Anupama says she doesn’t need his love in charity or by force. His love belongs to her.

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