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Anupama 30th May 2023 Written Update

Anupama written update

Written episode of Anupama 30th May 2023 on

Vanraj explains to Maaya that he is only putting up with the presence of Anuj due to Samar’s upcoming wedding. Otherwise, someone like Anuj would not be allowed near his doorstep. Curious, Maaya questions why they are so eager to reconcile with both Anuj and Anupama. Vanraj clarifies that once Samar and Dimpy’s wedding is over, they will have no reason to keep in touch with Anuj and Anupama. Furthermore, he mentions that Anupama will be leaving for America, leaving Anuj behind. Disapproving of his words, Maaya advises him to watch his language as he has no right to speak ill of Anuj. In response, Vanraj warns Maaya to mind her actions. Refusing to back down, Maaya declares that she will not change her words either. At this point, Vanraj cautions Maaya that if she continues to speak against Anupama, he too will not hold back from speaking his mind as she has no authority to criticize her.

While driving Anupama home, Anuj couldn’t help but remember her recent words and feel a sense of sadness. As the song “Karoge Yaad To..” played in the background, he was reminded of their previous conversation where she drunkenly confessed her love for him.

As a child, Paakhi used to recite a story about a prince, never imagining that one would enter her life. Anupama expresses gratitude towards him for making her feel loved and special. She had lost hope in love, but he brought it back; he managed to turn back time and relive their college days together. Anuj agrees that she completed him, leading Anupama to question why they are separating. Love can be like an mischievous child, ringing the bell and running away. Anupama compares her feelings to drowning in a river, which Anuj blames himself for. However, Anupama acknowledges that fate played a role in keeping them apart; she refuses to blame him for this. She plans to question God about why he gave her love and then took it away. Despite the separation between them, Anupama continues to express how much she loves Anuj.

Anuj shares that he refrained from seeing her for a month, while she will be absent for the next 3 years. As they grasp onto each other’s hands, they both question how they will cope with being apart. He sincerely apologizes for any pain he may have caused her and accepts whatever consequences may come his way. Anupama assures him that they are equal partners and she will take responsibility for her actions. She reflects on their beautiful companionship thus far, despite knowing it has come to an end. However, she emphasizes that their love will endure even though they are separating. Anuj affirms that he has loved her even when she wasn’t physically present and promises to continue loving her forever. Anupama declares that her love for him will transcend beyond death itself.

As the beautiful melody of “Tu Shayar Hai Main Teri Shayari” plays in the background, tears stream down both of their cheeks. Anuj anxiously asks if she will ever be able to forget him. In response, Anupama reassures him that she could never forget him and hopes he will do the same. Anuj then points to a bright moon and shares how he used to search for her in it while he was living in America. He suggests that whenever she thinks of him, she should look at the moon; and so will he. However, Anupama questions how this would work when it is day in America and night where they are now. Despite their emotional state, they manage to share a laugh before tears once again take over.


Anuj and Anupama express their love and hug each other. They spend the whole night hugging one another. Vanraj says it’s morning now and they haven’t returned home yet. They both come home and say they are home.

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