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Faltu 31st July 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Faltu 31st July 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Faltu ran away and confronted Ayaan, determined to prove his love for her. However, she urged him to end the theatrics and return home. Faltu insisted on falling sick just to get her attention, claiming she didn’t care about him. Annoyed, Ayaan requested him to let her live peacefully. In a last attempt to get through to her, he held her close and said the decision was in her hands. Unmoved, she replied, telling him to stay right there as she didn’t care anymore. Faltu erupted in frustration, demanding that she leave.

Meanwhile, Dada ji suggested to Kaka that he should sleep in Neil’s room since Neil was disturbed. Kaka proposed getting Neil married, pondering how he would manage his life alone without him.

Yes, Dada ji says, who will be that girl who will love him after his bitterness ends? He prays for Neil. Faltu comes crying. He asks why you went out. She says Ayaan is outside, send him. He says you both are stubborn. She makes ginger tea for him, and feeds it to him. Savita argues with Sid. Sid asks her to let Ayaan get his love. Tanu worries.

Dada ji takes the tea for Ayaan after Faltu makes tea for him. Ayaan says I’m trying to win Faltu’s heart, I’ll give you food and tea to keep your word, I can’t offend you by refusing, go inside, it’s bad out there, I’m standing here until Faltu changes his mind. If you need anything, ring the bell, dada ji says.

In the morning, Faltu goes to see Ayaan who’s sleeping on the ground. She shouts and rushes to him. She takes him to his room. Savita asks Amar if Ayaan came. Amar says no. Sid says he’d be with Faltu and they’ll go on a honeymoon when he gets Faltu home. She blames herself for taking care of Ayaan. Faltu tells them that Ayaan was outside all night.

Ayaan’s clothes need to be changed. Dada ji asks Kaka to get Neil’s clothes. Faltu checks his phone. She asks Dada ji to talk. Kinshuk calls Dada ji and asks for Ayaan. He informs the family that Ayaan is at Brijmohan’s house. Tanu asks if Ayaan is with Faltu. Dada ji says he’s ill, so we’re calling a doctor. She asks what happened.

Despite the rain, he says he didn’t listen to us. Tanu tells Savita we’ll be here soon. She tells her everything to Savita. Savita gets angry with Faltu. Ayaan is checked by the doctor. Dada ji says Faltu is Ayaan’s wife. I’ll run some tests and see if he’s got pneumonia. She says we’ll take him to the hospital. Ayaan shouts out to Faltu…

The doctor explained Ayaan’s condition to everyone present. He mentioned that he had already informed Ayaan’s wife. Savita interrupted, correcting the doctor, stating that Faltu wasn’t Ayaan’s wife anymore as they were going through a divorce, and she believed Faltu had ruined their family. Faltu couldn’t hold back her tears in response to Savita’s accusations.

Sid tried to diffuse the tension, assuring Savita that Faltu didn’t ask Ayaan to stay outside. Dada ji added that they had advised Ayaan to go home, implying that it was his decision to stay away.

Neil inquired about Ayaan’s condition, but Tanu and Neil began to argue. Despite the dispute, Neil defended Faltu. He explained that if Ayaan chose to come, it would be his mistake, suggesting that it wasn’t Faltu’s fault in this situation.

Ayaan taunts them on their friendship. Faltu and Neil become angry with Tanu. Dada ji asks Neil to stop. Ayaan isn’t fine, he’ll tell you the truth once he gets awake. We should wait for the doctor’s report, take him home, and turn off the air conditioner. Savita scolds Faltu and makes her go. She says I promise, I will not let your shadow fall over Ayaan. They take Ayaan away. Dada ji consoles Faltu.


Tanu says Faltu has settled into her life. Savita says Faltu and Neil have an affair. Ayaan misses Faltu.

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