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Faltu 7th November 2022 Written Episode Update

Faltu Episode Update

In today’s episode of Faltu we saw Faltu and Pratap going to the tournament in Ayaan’s jeep. Pappi saw them together. Faltu complains about the seat belt and says society needs a reason to bind the girls. Ayaan stops the car, but Faltu is unable to remove the seat belt. Eventually, she managed to unbuckle the seat belt and get off the jeep, and she and Pratap decided to run away.

When Janardhan sees Ayaan’s mother looking at old pictures, she expresses concern over their secret. Janardhan says that they are long past what happened years ago. She suggests that they tell Tanisha’s family about their secret. As Janardhan says, they should forget about it and prepare to welcome Tanisha and her family.

Faltu and Pratap arrived at the registration venue to sign up for the cricket tournament. The coach, however, poked fun at Faltu and threatened to call her father. He also tried to discourage Pratap from bringing his sister out of the house in order to play with the boys. Just as he was about to dial his father’s number, drums for Mata Rani’s procession were heard in the background. The two of them left registration and stepped out to witness it. Faltu commented that if Mata Rani can be praised immensely even though she holds so many weapons in her hands, why is there objection when she holds a cricket bat?

Kaki and Pappi catch sight of Pratap and Faltu entering Ayaan’s mart and decide to follow them. Seeing only two entries in the past 6 months, Ayaan is taken aback. On addressing them, Pappi tries to intimidate him by grabbing his shoulder and forcing Ayaan to ask him to remove his hand. Fortunately, Angoori was able to de-escalate the situation and suggested that they search the mart if they wanted.

Angoori scolds Pratap while Faltu disguises herself as Anmol Singh. Nobody recognizes Faltu and they all leave.

So that they can do the matchmaking, Kanika asks for Ayaan’s kundali. Savitri brings the kundali, but the date of birth is incorrect. Janardhan says pandit ji wrote the wrong date of birth. They ask her to let the matchmaking go since it is irrelevant today. Savitri gets suspicious.

Faltu and Pratap go to the registration counter again to have Faltu registered as Anmol Singh. Gopal denies Faltu’s registration, saying she does not appear confident.

Ayaan offers to help Faltu. Faltu asks him to teach cricket to Anmol Sigh. Ayaan gets upset to hear about cricket. Charan tells Ratan he needs to work a second job. Ratan denies it. Pappi announces his marriage to Faltu.

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