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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th March 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th March 2023 on

Sai asks her senior doctor about Mrs Salaskar’s condition. The doctor tells her it is better now. Mrs Salaskar suffered a minor heart attack. She thought Mrs Salaskar had a diabetic shock, but that doctor on social media was right, who predicted Mrs Salaskar would suffer a heart attack.

He says Mrs Salaskar has an artery blockage of 90% and needs immediate surgery, and he asks who the genius is who proved their most talented doctor wrong. Sai says he’s ready to do this surgery, but he needs a subordinate to perform it. The doctor says a new talented doctor will join them today.

The doctor says he is late due to slow internet. He introduces himself as Dr Satya Adhikari and tells Dr Sai he can assist in surgery. Satya says he is ready, but Sai should trust a social media doctor. Because she keeps her personal issues outside of OT, Sai says Satya should act professionally and assist in Mrs Salaskar’s angioplasty. Satya agrees.

In the OT, Sai prepares herself for surgery. Mrs Salaskar thanks her for saving her life. She tells Sai to relax as she will undergo a minor surgery after which she will be fine. Nurses discuss Dr Satya’s weird dressing style. She said he was so handsome that she wanted to change her shift to his timing.

Sai comments about Dr Satya’s weird appearance and unprofessional behaviour. Satya walks in playing Dhak Dhak Karne Laga song loudly on the music player. Sai gets angry at him and asks if he’s playing loud songs in OT. Afterwards, Satya changed the song to Dunya mein Hum Aaye Hain to Jeena Hi Padega and said that he played a sad song.

Then he interacts with Mrs Salaskar and assures her that her surgery will be completed in 2-3 songs. Sai says she cannot work this way. He says that is how he works and uses earphones. He says that’s amazing and asks about Sai. Sai stands silently. Mrs Salaskar asks him to play songs on the music player. Sonali praises Virat for decorating Sai’s room with Sai’s Aabha, Savi, and Sai’s pictures. Paakhi walks in and writes “guest room” on the door. Virat feels irritated by her jealousy and arrogance.

As soon as he receives the commissioner’s call, Bhavani smiles and Sonali asks why she smiles at Paakhi’s jealous behaviour. According to Bhavani, no one can change destiny; she saw in Sai’s horoscope that she would have a fresh start today, and Virat can’t prepare a room for her better. Sonali agrees.

Dr Satya performs Mrs Salaskar’s angioplasty while chatting with her to make her feel relaxed. His injection increases her heart rate more. He scolds him for his irresponsible behaviour and takes charge. She complains about him to a senior doctor after the angioplasty.

She warns him to stop misbehaving with her when he walks in with a report and asks if she is backbiting behind him. A senior doctor checks the report and tells Sai that Dr Satya saved the patient’s life on time by taking the right step. Satya recalls someone saying the same to him. He tries to return her bracelet, but she walks away. Sai tells Dr Satya that he looks like a joker.

With a tiffin for Sai, Virat bumps into Dr Satya. Dr. Satya apologizes. Virat tells Satya to watch out as he made a mistake. Satya asks Virat if he is a judge, lawyer, or policeman in order to judge him so well. Virat says he is one of them and warns him. He notices Sai’s bracelet in Satya’s hand and stands puzzled.


Virat asks Sai about her bracelet. Sai scolds him for bringing tiffin for him, saying his wife will create drama now that she has removed it during the operation.

Satya returns Sai’s bracelet at a canteen. Sai shouts angrily, food falls on her apron.


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