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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th April 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 17th April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Upon learning about Vinayak’s injury, Virat hurriedly returns home and anxiously asks about Vinayak’s whereabouts. Virat questions the cause of Vinayak’s stress and assures him that Baba will resolve everything. Ashwini advises Vinayak to calm down, explaining that his fall was a result of stress. Vinayak expresses his concern about the absence of his doctor aunt and Saavi, stating that he will bring them back.

Mother India will leave the house if Satya fails to find a girl for him within an hour. He calls Amba, reminding her of the limited time remaining and urging her to make arrangements to welcome their future daughter-in-law. Amba becomes excited, while Aaji expresses doubts about Satya’s intentions.

Amba decides to give one of her bangles to her daughter-in-law, but Aaji points out that it has Amba’s name on it and suggests giving a different bangles instead. Amba reveals another bangle that belonged to her younger sister, Bhavani.

Satya seethes with anger as he recalls Virat’s insults and vents his frustration by tearing his shirt and injuring himself. The nurse notices his behaviour and informs a ward boy, suspecting that he is harming himself to build a case against Virat, Sai’s ex-husband. Amba looks at pictures of her and Bhavani, determined to prove Bhavani wrong by creating a loving family with her daughter-in-law.

Paakhi blames Vinayak’s condition on Virat’s obsession with Sai, leading to an argument between them. Upset by their fight, Vinayak becomes distressed. Ashwini intervenes and urges them to stop, reminding them of Vinayak’s fragile state. Virat states that only Sai can treat Vinayak as she did before, and he leaves. Paakhi breaks down, and Ashwini comforts her.

Satya’s family hears the doorbell and welcomes Satya’s girlfriend, but to their surprise, Satya enters injured. They inquire about his condition, and he explains that a policeman named Virat saved him. He narrates a fabricated story about convincing a girl to marry and getting attacked by her father, who wants his daughter to marry a policeman. However, his family sees through his lies, and Amba accuses him of trying to evade marriage. Satya insists he is not refusing marriage, but Amba warns him of dire consequences if he doesn’t comply.

Virat calls Satya, apologizing for his earlier behaviour and requesting he inform Sai about Vinayak’s illness. Satya wonders what happened to the junior doctor and explains that Vinayak used to have weak knees and couldn’t walk without braces. However, after Sai treated him, he fully recovered. But now, due to stress, he is unable to walk again, and Satya believes it’s important to inform Sai of Vinayak’s condition and her whereabouts. He ponders whether Virat might be playing a trick on him and contemplates informing Sai.

Sai contacts Satya using Sheetal’s phone and learns about Vinayak’s fall and subsequent injury. Sai expresses her concern and asks about Vinayak’s well-being. Satya informs her that Vinayak is fine but Virat has informed him that Vinayak is unable to walk again. Satya is unsure if this is a ploy by Virat to bring Sai back home. Sai believes that Virat wouldn’t lie when it comes to their children, and she decides to meet her son at Azad Maidan to discuss Virat’s behaviour and clarify matters before returning home. She hopes to reunite with Vinayak for his sake.


Sai receives a message over the microphone, urging her not to run away from Virat as someone wants them to reunite. Virat asks Saavi to tell the announcer to inform Sai to return.

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