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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th May 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 19th May 2023 Written Episode Update on

Amba reprimands Sai for wearing her ex-husband’s gifted sari instead of the one given by her current husband Satya. However, Sai explains that it was a gift from her son. While Amba acknowledges this, she points out that it was still purchased by her ex-husband, as sons do not typically gift saris to their mothers on Vatsavitri pooja day.

To ease tensions, Satya reminds them that it is acceptable for Sai to wear her son’s gifted sari and she can perform the pooja for him. This calms Amba down and they are soon interrupted by a neighbor calling for the pooja. As the ladies gather for the ritual, one of them suggests closing their eyes and thinking about their husbands. Sai closes her eyes and envisions Virat instead, remembering last year’s pooja with him and his family. Meanwhile, Satya plans to propose to Sai after the pooja.

After the pooja, the ladies request Sai to sing a snippet mentioning her husband’s name. Although hesitant at first, Sai eventually agrees after much insistence from the ladies. However, instead of her own husband’s name, she sings Virat’s name. This leaves everyone in shock. Sai then proceeds to sing Satya’s name next. The ladies question her actions and Satya reassures them that it is okay. He even goes to fill up a food plate for Sai. However, his inner voice reminds him that Sai still remembers Virat, which angers him and he confronts his inner voice.

Meanwhile, Amba becomes upset with how Sai keeps hurting Satya and Gowri explains to her that a woman may forget past and present loves but not the father of her children. She adds that Sai is going through a tough phase. This leads Amba to express concern for Satya and Maddy suggests sending Sai and Satya on a honeymoon trip. Satya plans a dinner outing with Sai and informs her, but she remembers Virat taking her to a restaurant after breaking fast.

They both agreed to make it an annual tradition. They quickly get ready and head out, only to be stopped by Sai’s Aunt Amba. She surprises them with flight tickets for their honeymoon and asks them to come home late that evening. Satya happily agrees to obey his aunt’s order and they leave together. The rest of the family assumes that this trip will bring Sai and Satya closer together. However, as they drive towards their destination, Sai expresses her displeasure with the family’s idea.

Satya reminds her of their promise to support each other; she needs to keep her promise of keeping his family happy too. He explains that his mother was disappointed when Sai didn’t wear the sari he had gifted her or take his name during pooja, so he wants to avoid further disappointment. He brings her to the very same restaurant Virat had taken her to previously. She initially resists leaving the car, but he persuades her with his clever conversation and eventually escorts her inside.

The restaurant manager presents them with a pair of thalis and informs them that a photographer will capture their moment and provide a copy along with the bill. Satya convinces Sai to visit the restroom, while Virat sits at the rear table, visibly inebriated. Intoxicated Virat confronts Sai about visiting the same restaurant they promised to visit every year after fasting Satya gets angry seeing that and grips Virat’s collar. Sai asks him to leave Virat.

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