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Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 27th July 2023 Written Update

Written Episode of Hum Rahe Na Rahe Hum 27th July 2023 on

The Episode begins with Veera declaring her intention to end Samar’s life. Maan interjects, urging her to first uncover the truth about who Samar really is and what his motives are. He wonders whose kalash Samar was speaking to and warns that killing him will not eliminate the danger they all face. Veera agrees and they both depart. While in Samar’s room, Maan notices his frequent visits and comments on it while inviting him for puja. Samar remarks on the anger in Maan’s eyes and receives a snide response in return. Despite his efforts, he believes Maan will always view him as an enemy. Maan promises to expose his true nature after the puja, giving him a countdown to leave. As he leaves, Shiv and Surilii witness news of the turmoil in Ranakgarh.

Rani Maa inquires about the current situation in Ranak and is reassured that preparations have been made. She then requests Maan to inform Shiv to stay in Mumbai until things settle down. Despite this setback, Raghav is present to handle any issues that may arise. Surilii expresses disappointment that they cannot travel to Ranak, but Shiv confirms that this tradition will be altered today. During the puja, Veera observes Samar’s presence while Surilii and Shiv communicate through a video call. Rani Maa is pleased with this development and hands the ceremonial dagger to Veera, who promises to always protect the family. He apologises for not being able to prove his loyalty to Shiv on this occasion. Swati instructs Raghav to depart while Surilii stops Veera from performing the rituals and instead encourages Shiv to fulfil them.

A smile spreads across Rani Maa’s face. Samar thinks I must figure out your solution. Surilii says Veera, I will always stand by you, you will always be the shield of the Barot family. Veera thanks them. The Pandit asks everyone to apply Veera’s tilak. Veera stops Samar. He says only the Barot family can participate in this ritual, sorry, you aren’t a Barot. Samar believes I am a Barot, therefore I will be the only Barot here. Raghav taunts Swati.

Rani Maa reminds Shiv and Surilii to be responsible, while Samar invites them to his room for a sneak peek of the truth behind his actions. As he departs, Maan notices Veera nearby. Meanwhile, Shiv and Surilii share a tender moment as she assures him of her unwavering love before they head to Mahajan’s anniversary party. At the party, they take pictures together and introduce themselves as prince and princess of Ranak. They also greet Shubha Tai, who compliments Rani Maa and Shiv for their admirable qualities. Shiv reciprocates the praise by acknowledging the greatness of mothers, including Shubha Tai. He then shifts his attention to Swati, who has joined Samar, and criticizes her for her lack of manners.

She had uncovered my secrets and inquired, “What did you want to talk about?” He replied, “I’ll reveal it today.” She sat down and responded, “I’m all ears.” With a self-assured smile, he presented the share report and said, “I have kept my promise – Raghav will now have control of the company.” She responded excitedly, “That’s fantastic! But I’m dying to know why you came here.” He smirked and said, “I like girls who are direct and ask questions. My motive? It’s you. Ever since I saw you, I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” As he glanced at the time, he made an attempt to charm her. Suddenly, he embraced her in a hug. To their surprise, Maan walked in and caught them in the act. Samar noticed Maan’s presence and reacted with shock.


In the party, Shiv and Surilii are talking with Samar. Samar says you want to know my secret, fine, I’m your elder brother, I’m Samar Chandrabhaan Barot. Maan is shocked.

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