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Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2023 Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 11th June 2023 Written Episode on

As the episode begins, Ranbir tells Aryan that his mother slapped him hard and that he now feels a sensation in his ear. Aryan says his mother slapped me hard. Ranbir says there is nothing he can do.

He states, “I came here to halt Prachi’s wedding and overheard Shahana conversing with her.” He tells them everything that Prachi told her. He says I was shocked like you were shocked. Aryan asks why did you trust her? He says you came here to show Prachi your love. Ranbir asks him not to talk nonsense.

You hated Prachi when you found out about Akshay and Prachi. Ranbir says when you love someone your expectations rise, so you feel bad when they don’t meet them. Aryan says even Prachi may feel the same. Ranbir says I did not think like that. He says I tried to kidnap Prachi, but. Aryan asks him to sit in the mandap. Ranbir says Akshay is not wearing sehra today.

He asks him to hand over his beard as it doesn’t suit him. Aryan, in return, puts on the turban and approaches Pandit ji, claiming that his father is an astrologer. My mother told me that the groom should not wear his sehra when I told him that hurdles were coming in the marriage. As Pandit ji says, you mentioned your father is an astrologer. According to Aryan, his mother is a jyotishayan, and she told him that the marriage was halted because of it.

When Pandit ji asks him to ask the groom to wear sehra, he says he has to do three more marriages. He hands him the money and instructs him to inform everyone that obstacles are arising because the groom is not wearing the sehra.

When Asok brings his wife a chair, his wife refuses to sit. Vishaka taunts her. The Pandit ji tells the couple that he spoke with a Pandit ji from an astrologer family, who said the marriage would not happen since the groom did not wear sehra. They begin to think about how to arrange the sehra.

After someone collides with Akshay, the drink spills on his clothes. They get worried because the Sherwani is spoiled. Akshay says he will order it from the nearby fashion store. He calls and orders it. Aryan thinks the store is nearby.

In order to prevent any hurdles to the marriage, Shana informs Prachi that Pandit ji has provided the solution. Prachi says she is getting married anyway and tells Dadi everything. Dadi asks how dare Aaliya came here. Prachi says that we have nothing to do with them, and we will conduct the marriage properly.

He berates Shahana, questioning if her illusions have shattered now. Shahana admits that it might have been her imagination. Prachi weeps and Dadi gently applies a black mark on her forehead, encouraging her to release her pain and let her tears flow. Dadi instructs Prachi to cry now, assuring her that no tears will remain in her eyes once she departs. Prachi cries as instructed.

Akshay is in the room. Aryan comes there and asks for Prachi. Akshay asks who is he. Aryan says he’s her brother. Akshay says she didn’t tell me about you. Aryan says he’s like her brother. Prachi stopped talking to him because he married a woman against her wish.

Aryan is taken aback and finds it hard to believe him. Meanwhile, Prachi faints due to dizziness, and in her unconscious state, she urges him to undergo surgery to remove the mole on his neck. She insists that the mole is on the left side, indicating that it should have been removed. She implores him to check the mole on his neck.

While Akshay examines him, Aryan renders him unconscious by making him inhale chloroform. Akshay collapses onto the ground. Aryan then settles himself on the sofa. Approaching Ranbir, he discloses that he halted the marriage using a pretext. Ranbir reassures Aryan that he has no issue with Akshay and promises to share all the details with him.

If Akshay agrees, then everything will be fine. However, if he refuses, I will render him unconscious and confine him in the cupboard, just like your mother did to me. Aryan advises Ranbir to consider Akshay’s lack of understanding and assures him that the task has been completed. Together, Ranbir and Aryan approach Akshay.

It is not possible for him to leave Akshay like this, he is his best friend. Aryan asks him not to show his humanity now and to decide what is more important, love or friendship.


Prachi and Ranbir collide after Ashok calls Akshay. Ranbir wears a turban and sherwani.

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