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Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Aryan approaching Ranbir, inquiring about the recent happenings. He mentions how Pallavi previously pulled Vikram aside, and then Dida as well. Ranbir responds by stating that he has nothing to say and tries to leave. Aryan persists and promises to get him to talk. Meanwhile, Prachi is searching for her headache medicine and shares with Shahana that Ranbir is the cause of her pain. Shahana retorts that Prachi is the one responsible for her own headache. Just then, Divya enters the scene and asks if they have seen Aryan around. Shahana warns her to stay away from him, as he has hurt many girls’ hearts. Back with Aryan and Ranbir, Aryan insists for an explanation. Ranbir reveals that Pallavi accused him of wanting to marry Mihika in order to get closer to Prachi. Aryan questions what exactly he said in response and Ranbir clarifies that he would never marry someone just to be close to another person.

He expresses that had I wanted to be with Prachi, I would have chosen to be with her rather than being part of the crowd. He confides that he believed our bond was unbreakable, but now realizes it was not meant for this lifetime. He declares that Prachi has moved on and it is time for him to do the same. Aryan inquires about his true feelings for Mihika. Ranbir recalls how she used to insist on marrying someone who truly loves her, but he knows now that it was not genuine affection, but desperation. He asserts that although Mihika is fond of him and vice versa, their relationship does not require love or any other emotions. He clarifies that Prachi is merely Mihika’s sister-in-law and a friend, urging Aryan not to interfere in their matters anymore. Divya asks Shahana if she is serious about Aryan despite knowing he has cheated on girls before. Aryan overhears and admits even he was unaware of this fact.

Prachi expresses her relief at finding balm for her headache when Ranbir approaches her and inquires about the cause. She confirms that it is indeed a headache, causing Ranbir to comment on his ability to grasp complex matters but not Prachi’s state of mind regarding his engagement with Mihika. Prachi clarifies that she is not feeling jealous despite Ranbir’s belief that she appeared so while they were dancing with each other. He then suggests drinking water as a remedy for her discomfort and Prachi remarks on how love can sometimes bring headaches. Ranbir dismissively tells her not to think too highly of herself and explains that she is just a regular person to him, nothing more than a friend. After misplacing his wife, Akshay questions Ranbir who denies any knowledge of her whereabouts. Suspicious, Akshay threatens to uncover the truth before leaving as Ranbir vents his anger by hitting the wall. Prachi returns and asks what has caused him such frustration, to which he responds with irritation at her attempt to comfort him since she does not understand the source of his anger either. Exasperated, Prachi asks why he should withhold the reason behind his feelings.

Mihika is torn and wonders who to confide in and how to approach the situation. She recalls Mayank’s advice and considers telling her mother. As she ponders, Pallavi approaches her with a smile. Pallavi expresses her joy about Ranbir choosing Mihika, admitting that she had initial doubts about their relationship. But after questioning Ranbir and receiving reassurance of his love for Mihika, she is convinced that they are meant to be together and should start anew. Mihika is elated at the thought of Ranbir reciprocating her feelings and can hardly contain her excitement. Akshay interrupts with news about a dance troupe coming to perform, bringing joy to Vishaka and the others. Mihika turns to Pallavi once more to confirm if Ranbir truly said these things. With confirmation from Pallavi and a smile on her face, Mihika cannot help but feel overjoyed at being chosen by him.

Ranbir tells Prachi not to worry and reminds her that they are good friends. He mentions how they have each other’s contact information but don’t really pay much attention to it. Prachi agrees, saying their friendship is one where they don’t need to constantly check up on one another. Ranbir appreciates how well Prachi understands him and their relationship. However, as she turns, her pallu gets caught in his watch. Prachi playfully scolds him for being childish and asks why he acted that way. Ranbir defends himself, reminding her of the times she has doubted him before. He offers her his watch and asks her to return it once she frees her pallu from it.

Divya approaches Shahana and inquires, “Did I disturb you?” Shahana responds with a hint of annoyance, “A little bit.” Divya then asks her about Aryan. Curious, Shahana questions, “Why do you want to know?” Divya simply replies, “Just curious.” Shahana warns her to stay away from Aryan as he is a cheater. To which Divya comments that he seems like an ideal guy. However, Shahana shuts down her notion and advises her not to dig deep into the matter of whom he has hurt. At that moment, Aryan enters the scene and interjects with a question of his own – “Whom have I betrayed and when?” Shahana clarifies to Divya that Aryan is not the perfect guy she thinks him to be. She reminds her of how he betrayed Mili by confessing his love for someone else, who turned out to be none other than herself. Aryan admits his feelings for Shahana and assures her that she was always aware of them. But Shahana brushes it off saying that many guys have liked her in the past and asks him to keep his distance from her. Disheartened, Divya witnesses this exchange between

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