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Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya1

Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rhea asking Mihika to leave her Ranbir as she loves him. Vishaka asks Ranbir if this girl is telling the truth, and if you have ever been married to her. She shouts asking him to tell her. Ranbir answers no. It hasn’t happened yet, but it will, and Rhea asks Vishaka to bring Mihika with her, saying she won’t let Ranbir become someone else’s. He tells her that he has seen this nonsense before, so she should not do it here either.

Rhea urges Mihika to break up with Ranbir, threatening her with unknown consequences. An incredulous Mihika questions what exactly will happen, she asks if Rhea expects her to die. Disgusted, Rhea insists that she does not care either way. Vishaka steps in and grabs the knife from Rhea’s hand, promptly slapping her. She points out that had the situation been reversed and it was Rhea’s parents doing this, she wouldn’t have resorted to violence. With a firm grip on Rhea’s hand, Vishaka demands that she leave immediately. However, Prachi intervenes and pleads with Vishaka to stop. She reminds her that Rhea is a guest in their home and also her sister. Prachi appeals for understanding as Rhea is younger and naive, apologizing for any hurtful words or actions on her behalf. She implores Vishaka not to kick her out of the house.

Is it okay to keep her on the bed, and do her aarti? She says Mihika is your husband’s sister whose engagement has been canceled now. Prachi says she knows well, and says Rhea is my sister, and if you throw her out, she will. Vishaka says her karma is such that she should be thrown out. Prachi says Manpreet wants us to be kind to her sister. She says Prachi feels bad because Rhea is her sister.

She says even we feel the same for our siblings, and asks her not to take things on her heart and end this matter right here. Ashok says Vishaka is insulting me, and your bahu got upset, then your wife as I slapped Rhea. She says both Prachi and Manpreet are right in their own way, and Ashok says it is not like that. Having understood, Vishaka tells Prachi that her bhabhi and bhai insulted her because of her.

She says I made a mistake by assuming this house was mine, and asks Divya to take their stuff and says we will leave now. Akshay says we love and respect you a lot, and asks her to calm down, saying nobody will insult you. Vishaka says if I calm down, your wife will hit shoes on me. Prachi needs his advice about speaking to elders.

In response, Rha claps and says her sister does this, and then says Prachi. Ashok is told that you might feel helpless, and Pallavi is told that you might think she has good values. Prachi might have made you feel more dear to her than her sister, she says, and she says Prachi always causes family members to fight wherever she goes, and she says she did the same in my family as well.

According to Rhea, Ranbir used to see her as an honest and good girl, while my father-in-law considered her a model of good values. She used to behave in a similar manner with them, which also earned her admiration from my mother-in-law. However, she later discovered the truth about her. Rhea claims that Dida truly and blindly loved her, much like how Manpreet Aunty does. She says Prachi manipulates everyone effortlessly like a Devi and even wants to touch her feet in reverence. Prachi is taken aback by this and asks what is wrong with Rhea. Rhea clarifies that she has become insane because of Prachi’s constant praise and feels like blood is coming out of her ears because everyone only talks about Prachi’s goodness.

Only Bua ji has identified Prachi, she says, and she claps for her. She then says she wants Ranbir and Mihika’s wedding annulled, as she loves him and he’ll go with me. Ranbir says don’t think about this and says I won’t go anywhere with you. She asks Ranbir if I am not beautiful, and asks if Prachi is more beautiful than me, and asks him to tell me what is in her, and says Prachi is nothing in front of me.

“Ranbir quickly silences her and criticizes her for causing drama, claiming that she does not belong here and has deplorable thoughts. Prachi pleads with Ranbir to stop. He firmly declares that they all need to stand up for their love, and pulls Rhea out of the room. As Prachi tries to follow, she trips and falls. Akshay rushes over to her. Meanwhile, Ranbir leads Rhea outside. She begs him to come with her, professing her love. However, he bluntly rejects her, stating that he wants nothing to do with someone who is selfish and incapable of true love.”

Rhea says I just love you and have done so much for you and your family, and have sacrificed all my golden years for you, and you say you don’t understand my love. Prachi comes there to talk to me. Devi ji has come, and Rhea says she first does drama, then she sees it, and she tells that this is because of her, and she says you made my life as a curse and it has become my life’s eclipse. She asks why you were born and says you should have died before death.

She says to shut up, and Ranbir asks why she is involved in this, and he says, if Prachi is elipse, then what you are. Prachi is married to Akshay and I am marrying Mihika, so where did Prachi come between us? Prachi says Prachi is inauspicious and she has snatched everything from me. She has snatched my Maa, my Dad…I was his favorite. Prachi asks what you are saying? Ranbir says she is cursing you and you are crying.

As he tells Rhea, if you’re staying with your father, Prachi will stay with her mother, and you’re eclipsed by her. Prachi asks Ranbir, “What are you saying?” Rhea asks, “If you love me, why didn’t you leave Ranbir for me?” Ranbir replies, “You don’t deserve love, you’re mad.” Rhea replies, “I deserve you and I’ve got a right to you.” Mihika arrives and says that now you don’t have any right to him, since he’s my future husband.

She expresses her displeasure towards your words and advises you to refrain from speaking further. She embraces Ranbir, causing both Prachi and Rhea to become upset. Rhea shoves Mihika and declares her love for Ranbir. He reaches for Mihika’s hand and gazes at Prachi. Rhea warns that she would rather see Prachi suffer than if Ranbir doesn’t comply with her demands. She stresses that she will return if he refuses, threatening to ruin his life once again. This is a promise she intends to keep. Both Prachi and Ranbir are taken aback by her words.


Prachi tells Ranbir he never got true love because she never valued his love and his feelings. Akshay hears them. Rhea hires goon to kidnap Ranbir.

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