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Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya1

Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2023 Written Episode Written Update on

As the episode opens, Rhea warns Ranbir that she will return and ruin his life again. I have said that you don’t deserve love because you make people’s lives hell and ruin their lives. This is your truth, and that’s why I said you didn’t deserve it. Mihika and Ranbir leave from there. Rhea shouts, saying I’m sorry Ranbir and cries. Prachi says you’re very angry now and asks Rhea to calm down.

Rhea aggressively shoves Prachi, causing her to fall to the ground. Mihika and Ranbir immediately rush over upon hearing the commotion. Rhea dismissively claims that Prachi is just putting on a show. Mayank overhears their conversation. Mihika and Ranbir approach Prachi and help her up, as she wipes away her tears. Vishaka scolds Ashok for supporting Manpreet, while Akshay defends Prachi’s actions stating that she didn’t argue when Vishaka slapped Rhea because she knows her sister’s true nature. He also points out that Prachi intervened when Vishaka was about to kick Rhea out. However, Vishaka continues to side with Rhea, accusing Prachi of manipulating everyone around her. Akshay urges her not to make such accusations against Prachi.

When Prachi, Mihika, and Ranbir enter, Rhea gets angry and says it was between the two sisters. Prachi apologizes to everyone and says Rhea got angry and says it was between them. Mihika says it is between Rhea and me; she vented her anger at you. Pandit ji comes to get the engagement done. Mihika says she’s going to touch up her make-up and come with her. She asks Divya to come with her. Ranbir drinks something and leaves.

As Prachi takes a sip of her drink and finds it bitter, she signals for the waiter to take it away. Meanwhile, Mihika reassures Divya that Ranbir is a kind and caring person. She explains that he even stood up to his ex for her, and declares confidently that his heart is pure. “I trust him completely,” she adds. Divya agrees, noting that any girl would be lucky to have him. Mihika nods happily, admitting, “I am in love with Ranbir.” To which Divya responds, “That explains why you two are getting engaged.”

Mihika explains that her previous statement was not true, and clarifies that she introduced Ranbir as her boyfriend. However, she reveals that Mayank was actually her boyfriend, but he ended up marrying someone else. Mihika then shares that she was attempting to take her own life when Ranbir intervened and brought her here to escape from their father. She expresses gratitude for Ranbir’s support and affection, confessing that she has fallen in love with him. Divya assures Mihika that Ranbir will reciprocate her feelings and proposes marriage to her. This prompts a frustrated reaction from Mayank, who overheard their conversation.

It is not her mind that is running, Dida tells Pallavi. Pallavi asks Ranbir, did you notice that he was silent when Rhea started, and then when she started talking about Prachi, he couldn’t stand it, and said he still loves Prachi. Ranbir doesn’t feel the same way as before, according to Dida, and they have lived many moments together, and he doesn’t feel the same way.

The lawn is where Ranbir is sitting. Prachi asks Ranbir to thank her, but she says she does not want your thank you. Ranbir says he understands normal conversation, so he asks her to explain. Prachi asks why you behaved this way to me, and if anyone behaves that way to a girl. Ranbir says he knows how to deal with girls. Prachi says you got so rude with her that I don’t know how to respond.

I didn’t even do 20 percent of what Rhea did with you and me, Ranbir says. If I get even a little rude, drama happens, he says, and he says if anyone cares about my feelings, and says how to talk about others, or how to complain about them, and he says even you don’t understand my feelings. My relationship with you has always been good, and Prachi says you always find fault with others.

A bad thing has happened to me, not with you or Rhea, and he says that my emotions have always been played, and I have never found true love. Prachi looks at him. Akshay listens to them. Ranbir says you didn’t value my love ever, and that you didn’t understand or care about my emotions. Akshay hears them shockingly. Their moments are shown.

She gives the goon advance and asks him to kidnap Mihika, and she will send her photo. Rhea says nothing bad will happen. The goon says I take money for work. Rhea asks him to go fast. The goon leaves. As everyone thought my story had ended, Rhea said she got what she wanted, else she would snatch it. She said Ranbir would always be her.

Pradeep stops Mayank. Mayank tells him that Mihika betrayed him and was telling Divya that she loves Ranbir. He says he will kidnap her and force her to marry him.

Ranbir asks Prachi if he honestly believes she doesn’t understand his feelings. Akshay thinks Ranbir used to love Prachi and she didn’t value his love, which is why he is angry. Dida asks Pallavi to come. Pallavi says she feels something is going to happen. Dida says the engagement will happen and Prachi has made the arrangements for it, and says they used to confuse us.

Pallavi believes they are aware of their feelings, but are concealing the truth. Prachi informs Ranbir that he failed to recognize the emotions of others. Ranbir points out Prachi’s lack of individuality and reminds her of their previous conversation. He explains that his consideration for others is what led Rhea to be a part of his life. He also mentions having genuine love in his life without any doubt from Rhea. Frustrated, Prachi states it is pointless to communicate with him and begins to walk away. However, Ranbir insists on continuing the discussion and asks when she will stop her disrespectful behavior.

Prachi expresses that when one listens to the other person, understanding is key. Ranbir agrees and urges her to speak. Prachi then brings up the incident where he was rude to Rhea in front of Akshay’s family and questions how Rhea must have felt, as she loves him. Ranbir acknowledges that Prachi also cares for Rhea and he doesn’t want to come between the two sisters. Prachi explains that this is the reason why she dislikes him, while Ranbir responds saying that he also dislikes her. This leads Prachi to state that she would rather not converse with him, a sentiment echoed by Ranbir. They both exit the scene while Akshay ponders over their relationship and whether they would have been married if they had been in love.

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