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Kumkum Bhagya 20th February 2023, Written Update

In the episode, Kaya walks out of the office and asks herself to relax, no one is there. She sits in her car and leaves. Shahana makes a list of things we need. Dadi comes over. Shahana says you didn’t sleep yet.

She says Dadi didn’t get any sleep. Shahana says you couldn’t sleep because of excitement, and she has brought the painting to hang on the window for Prachi.

Prachi has already returned home, and Shahana says she went for her beauty routine. Dadi goes to talk to her. Shahana prepares a list for the things she needs. Dadi comes to Prachi.

Then Prachi thanks her and asks how she is. Dadi says she is fine, but tired due to waking up early. Prachi misses her and misses sleeping on her lap. Dadi asks about Khushi.

Prachi says when I went shopping she asked me to smile and told me sadness does not look good on my face. She says my Panchi is so lovely, and then says Khushi. Dadi says you miss Panchi so much.

It is impossible for Prachi to forget Panchi, she has hidden her pain in her heart, since Panchi left, everything is lost. She says I have drowned myself in work so that I don’t think about her. As soon as I met Khushi, I felt something I hadn’t felt for all these years; I had real happiness.

Prachi says that when she sees Khushi, she misses Panchi more and feels more pain. Dadi asks if the wound of losing Panchi has gone away? Prachi says that she is doing well in her career.

Dadi says this thing cannot complete your life, you called it life. She says this is not life and asks her to accept her sayings and adopt a girl. She asks her to adopt Khushi. Prachi says Khushi. Dadi says I have seen you loving her and she also loves you. She asks her to think and answer herself.

Khushi already has a mother. Dadi says we will think about her later. Prachi recalls Khushi scolding her when she burned her hand, telling her that she is Khushi. Song plays…Nata tera mera…

Seeing the price tag, Laali says the dress costs 3000 Rs. Khushi is sweeping the floor and says I told her I didn’t want it, but…Laali says she should have asked her to get clothes for her as well.

When someone gives you something, you should ask him/her to buy clothes for Maayi as well. She says she will return the clothes to the same shop and get the money. Khushi says she gave it with love. Laali asks if you will wear it.

Laali says she will return the dresses and will buy her a saree and things for home. She asks her to keep one dress. Khushi chooses the dress Ranbir and Prachi selected. Laali tells her to wake up early and sell all the flowers.

Khushi falls down. Laali scolds her. Khushi recalls Prachi running to her to help her up. She says mamma. Prachi senses Khushi’s sadness.

Khushi sells flowers outside the temple in the morning. She tells Juhi’s mother that different languages call water differently. Juhi’s mother asks who told her.

My Dadi must have told this to my mother, and I learned it in her tummy. Pallavi comes out of the temple, looking for Dida. Dida faints.

In the car, Khushi stops the car. Dida sits with her. Pallavi sits with Khushi in the car. Khushi asks Pallavi to call the doctor. Juhi’s mother says Khushi helps people, but now her Maayi will scold her.

Ranbir asks Aryan why did you agree to marry Damini. Aryan says he agreed because of his ego. He says he doesn’t like her and doesn’t have any feelings for her. Ranbir says this is the case since you have feelings for Shahana.

It’s because of that that you don’t want to marry Damini. Aryan says no, Ranbir says you are lying to me, you take her name in sleep. He asks him to be honest and not hide from him.

Dida is brought to Ranbir’s room when the doorbell rings. Ranbir asks what happened to Dida, and Khushi asks me, are you here? Pallavi asks him to take Dida to the room. They take Dida to the room. Pallavi asks why the doctor hasn’t shown up yet. Khushi tells Dida not to worry and to tell her that she is strong. Ranbir smiles as he sees her.

When Pallavi asks Ranbir why he smiled, Ranbir says he heard something and smiled. Doctor comes. Pallavi asks him to check Dida. Doctor says let me check. Khushi holds Dida’s hand while the doctor checks her.

The doctor says you have acidity. Dida says she feels like her heart is going to come out. The doctor says it’s not a heart attack. She asks him to check her again. Khushi asks her to agree to the doctor’s words. Doctor asks who she is. Pallavi says she helped her mother. Ranbir says she’s Khushi.

Laali asks Ranbir not to trouble Khushi. Laali says it seems that Khushi is your daughter, not mine. Shahana tells them that Khushi already has a mother. Dida claims she is not Khushi’s real mother. Prachi decides to adopt Khushi.

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