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Kumkum Bhagya 22nd February, 2023 written update.

Kumkum Bhagya

Prachi tells Dadi that she will make Khushi her life’s Khushi, and they will bring her into their family to complete her. Shahana says her sister will become a mother.

Khushi’s mother is not her real mother, and she hasn’t seen her Papa until now. Dadi says her mother lets her stay with her to earn money and treats her like a servant.

Shahana asks what you mean when she says Khushi is orphaned or her mother kidnapped her. Dadi says this is my experience which is saying and tells me that my old eyes are telling me that this is the truth. According to Khushi, the lady is not her mother, and when she calls him Papa, he scolds her, which indicates she is her mother’s lover.

Dadi says Khushi will get love and family here. Shahana says she will study here and she will have her Mamma’s love. Prachi says if she had kept her for money, we would offer her money, and she would not refuse.

Shahana tells Dadi that she will become a spy like Sherlock Homes. Dadi tells her that we will get her married. Shahana says she doesn’t want to get married. She hugs Dadi.

He tells Mr Manchanda he couldn’t come because his father was unwell. Pallavi hugs him and says, Khushi. Ranbir asks what happened. Pallavi says Khushi hugged me, and I felt as though Panchi hugged me. For a moment, she says, she felt our panchi returned, and she wants Khushi to live here with us.

All the happiness of this house will return, she says. Ranbir says she already has a mother and asks what we will tell her, “That we see our daughter in her daughter, so please give her to us.” As Khushi was afraid of the lady, Pallavi says I don’t think she is her mother, and that she doesn’t seem to love her.

There is no terror in the mother’s love, as the child hugs her mother even if she scolds her, but Khushi was crying with fear. She asks Ranbir to go and talk to her and tells him she is not her real mother.

Even a poor mother would want her daughter to go to school. She says you said you never saw her working because she makes Khushi work for her.

Ranbir asks how can you think like this? Khushi says even if she is her mother, don’t love her like her real mother either. Ranbir says I saw fear in her eyes.

Khushi will complete your life, don’t let her go, think that God has sent her for us. She says we have lost her, but don’t let us lose her either.

Pallavi says she is crying a lot after her mother scolded her, and she has decided to go with Shiv. Ranbir says she will go with Shiv and return with him.

Seeing Panchi in her, he feels like God sent him Panchi. Pallavi says to bring her. Ranbir says our Panchi.

Prachi comes to the office and thanks Ashok Tandon for the house. Ashok Tandon says I hope you will do well in your business. He goes. Prachi says he is rude, and arrogant. He thinks she told him to be arrogant. Prachi leaves.

Khushi asks Ranbir not to come. Ranbir says ok and tells Khushi to tell her everything. Laali is scolding Juhi’s mother.

Khushi’s mother says she is a little girl. Ranbir gets out of the car and says don’t scold her. Laali says Juhi’s mother told me everything and says why she went to help the old lady.

Ranbir says he will pay for the losses for the day and asks what the loss is. She says we have to work for food, and if this girl runs to help others, then that is what we will eat.

Ranbir gives Laali 4 K for the loss and asks her not to scold her. Laali takes it and says she’s ok. Ranbir says I want to talk to you and that your daughter is special.

She spreads happiness, and you treat her this way. He urges her not to behave badly with her and says she deserves love as she spreads love.

She says she will vent out on her if she gets angry, and then he will be responsible. Khushi folds her hands and signs him to leave. Ranbir feels helpless as Laali takes her away.

Ranbir sees Laali scolding Khushi again. He stops thinking about her threat that she would vent her anger on her if he lectured her. He sits in the car. Khushi waves him bye. Ranbir looks sad.

As Prachi sits in the car, she realizes Ashok asked her to fax him documents after the meeting. She asks the driver to take her home. Ranbir is sad and thinks about Khushi.

Khushi’s Maayi comes into the office and sees Payal crying. She asks what happened to you. Payal leaves.

Khushi scolds Laali to sprinkle water on the flowers so they don’t wither, and then sell them first thing in the morning. Laali answers her lover’s call and asks why you didn’t come. Ranbir arrives.

In response, Laali asks what he wants, and Ranbir tells her that he wants to take up the responsibility of Khushi’s education.

Laali says you thought about us and her and thanked her. Ranbir says he wants her to become educated and make him and us proud. Ranbir is shocked when Laali says my foot.

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