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Kumkum Bhagya 28th January 2023 Written Episode Update

In the episode, Prachi asks Priya whose bag she has brought. She says it’s not my bag. She says sorry. Prachi asks her to find the lost and found counter. She says she has seen it, I will figure it out. She tells her to call Sudhanshu and tell him that she is only interested in hotel orchids. Priya asks what is special about that place. Prachi says she has worked there for 6-7 years.

It is Vikram who calls Ranbir. Vikram says I have come and asks where you are. Ranbir says I am in the airport and will get there. Prachi comes to the lost and found counter. She asks the peon what formalities are required for her lost bag. The peon says the staff member will tell who has gone for lunch. Her bag and mobile falls down. The peon locks the door after a phone call.

After Ranbir ended his phone call to Vikram, Aryan informed him that Ranbir was saying Prachi is alive. Hearing her knocks, he asked the peon to open the door as someone seemed to be locked inside. Taking her trolley, Ranbir left while the peon opened the door and Prachi came out. She inquired about her bag, but the peon replied that a guy had taken it. Kaya got angry when Priya collided with her; she asked if this was an airport where people bump into each other and bags get switched. Priya confirmed if she was Kaya before asking Ranbir if he had gotten her bag. Surprised on hearing Prachi’s name, he silently took both bags away and stepped out of the room without being noticed by Prachi. As Vikram and Aryan caught sight of him with Kaya, Aryan stared at her while Vikram rejoiced on seeing Ranbir.

Aryan thinks Vikram is happy staring the girl and says he will have fear of Pallavi aunty and says staring a girl in this age is disgusting. Kaya sits in the car, and Vikram asks Ranbir if he is fine. Ranbir says yes. He hugs him. Aryan also hugs Vikram. Prachi sits in the car, seeing the placard with her name. Priya also sits in the car. He thinks he senses Prachi.

Vikram quizzically questioned Ranbir if he was perceiving anything, to which Ranbir replied that he felt Prachi’s presence. Understandably Vikram understood as she was his heartbeat. Priya requested the driver to stop at a medical store. Both turning their attention to Aryan, Vikram advised him to devote himself towards his career while Ranbir asked Kaya to sit in the front seat instead of him, though Kaya initially refused yet reluctantly took the seat; immediately she inquired if someone had considered him arrogant and dull-witted. Instantly, Ranbir thought about Prachi’s words and mentioned that she was the only one who said it before driving away.

The friend asks Khushi why she works so hard, sells the flower and takes the money. She keeps the message in the flower and tells the friend that she is writing it for the buyer. She explains that before she started doing this, she had sold a flower to a lady who gave her toffee and said she would receive good news today.

The friend asks if you got it. Khushi says yes, the dog got the house. She says whatever you wish for from the heart will come true. She knocks on Ranbir’s car. Ranbir sees her and says you gave me a flower yesterday. Khushi says you were sad. Kaya says sad. Ranbir asks her not to tell in front of everyone. He tells Khushi that she is cute. Khushi says if he wants flower and says he’ll get something else as well. He says yes, and it’s good news, so I’ll take it.

She smiles at Prachi as she sees her in her car. Her friend comes and tells her that the signal has started. She takes Khushi there. Priya asks what happened? Prachi looks at the girls and says nothing. Ranbir sees the message, that he will meet someone tomorrow who is dear to him. Kaya asks if Ranbir was emotional as well. The little girl has been able to see what others couldn’t, and that’s what makes her special, according to Ranbir.

A Prachi arrives at the hotel orchid. Megha shares her room number. Prachi calls her Megha and asks her to call Prachi. She introduces Priya to Megha. She says she spoke on the phone with her. Prachi asks if she remembers her mother-in-law. Megha says okay. Prachi asks to tell her about Minty aunty.

A few years ago, Prachi’s mother-in-law, Malti aunty, made her famous minty lemon water, and her husband asked her to bring Malty lemon water, hence the name Minty. Prachi goes to her room. Ranbir comes with Kaya. Megha says she’ll call her mother in law. Prachi goes to her room.

Priya tells Ranbir that she may have been brought here by destiny to meet Prachi. Ranbir searches for Prachi and finds someone.

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