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Kumkum Bhagya 28th March 2023 Written Update

The episode begins with Prachi bandaging Akshay’s hand and saying he wants to be a hero and cool there, but can’t bear the pain anymore. She says kids are more mature than you. Ranbir was right, you scold too much and Akshay asks if you scolded him as well. Prachi says why would I scold him, I have no right to him now. She says that day I scolded him while bandaging his hand.

He asks if you scold everyone like this. Prachi says I scold those with whom I have some right. Akshay says you mean me. Priya arrives and Prachi asks her to bandage Akshay’s hand. Prachi says she works with your dad and has some relationship with him. Ranbir wonders why Prachi is bandaging Akshay’s hand.

Priya smiles as she looks at Akshay, and Ranbir thinks what I’m thinking? Ranbir thinks she must have gone to wash her hands. Ranbir hides. Prachi’s pallu falls on his face and hands as she goes. Song plays…tera mera kaisa hai…

He thinks why I am feeling this, this is not right. He goes to his room and says no. He thinks why I am feeling this, I shouldn’t feel this. Aryan comes to Ranbir and asks what is going on. Aryan says I was here when Prachi departed from there, and Ranbir says I’m very jealous seeing Prachi touch Akshay’s hand. Ranbir says I’m angry with Prachi for many years and want to fight her.

There is no connection between us, so why am I feeling this way? I have just anger, questions, and hatred for her. Vikram comes there and tells Ranbir to control his emotions. He says I am fine. Vikram asks if I need to tell you, and says as your dad, I understand and asks him to control his emotions. Ranbir says Prachi hid an important secret from me. She was alive, but she didn’t tell me.

As a result of feeling this emotion, he says he has a feeling that even today I am not angry at her. Akshay asks Ranbir to come there, as proposal time has started. He takes him from there. Vikram thinks Ranbir is jealous and helps him propose to Prachi.

Ranbir gives him a pen drive and tells him he’d taken it from his pocket if he couldn’t propose today. Akshay says he’ll never propose to her if he can’t propose today. Ranbir asks Dida if he is alright. Dida asks Ranbir if he has an injury. Ranbir says he has a small one.

As Prachi is here, Badi Dadi asks you, “What is she doing here?” Ranbir says he doesn’t care. He leaves. Vikram asks Pallavi, “Are you in trauma or are you in trauma?” Ranbir asks Akshay to give DJ the pen drive, saying she is like the sunrise for him every morning. Akshay says he can’t tell, so he asks DJ to play the recording.

After the dance, Ranbir takes Priya to dance. Akshay is confused. Ranbir and Priya dance. Akshay takes Prachi to dance, surprising Ranbir. As Akshay bends down on his knees, Ranbir stops Priya, saying Akshay wants to tell you something. He is shocked to see Akshay sitting in front of Prachi.

Priya asks what are you saying? The proposal gets played with the audio of Akshay. Ranbir signs Akshay why you are proposing to Prachi. Ranbir is shocked to see Prachi’s name and Akshay’s voice proposal asking her to marry him. Akshay asks Prachi to say and says I’m waiting. Prachi is also shocked.

He recalls seeing Priya and thinks Prachi was there as well. Akshay tells Prachi to take her time and says he will be seated in front of her for a day, a year, and that it will be much more difficult.

He says he loves her and wants a word from her. He says he will be hungry and thirsty until then, but she can make him drink some water. After a year, he says he will become very lean, but once she agrees, he will regain his strength and become fit again. Badi Dadi says you will be joru ka ghulam whether you are lean or not. Akshay smiles.

Ranbir says he didn’t know he would propose Prachi to Aryan. Aryan asks why he gets affected. Ranbir and Prachi are alone in the room when Dida interrupts them.

Dida asks Pallavi why she was mourning after everyone congratulated her on Ranbir’s alliance. Pallavi replies that it was a mourning moment.

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