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Kumkum Bhagya 7th February 2023 Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya

Prachi says we will all be saved, trust me. She takes them to her hotel room where more people have been kept safe. The lady holding her baby says thank god you came back.

As a result of the bomb blast, Prachi would have died, but the messiah saved her. Prachi says that if some messiah is with us, then we should think that God is with us as well. She says we are going from the corridor, so you should hide wherever you can and do not make any noise if you see a suspect or terrorist.

Upon bringing everyone from the room, she goes downstairs and sees Kaya. Kaya says thank God, I saw you. Prachi says she is taking them out safely, that she has other guests’ names, and that she will save everyone.

Kaya says the Manager is inside the hotel and says he is here because of her. She says he is an emotional and soft type, so I need to save him. Prachi says but he is soft and sweet, an emotional type, and will hug terrorists as well.

She says she’s not a mother Theresa type and when she thinks of someone as hers, she can give her life for them and take their lives too. Prachi asks the baby to hide in a banquet hall, then they’ll come back and search for her sweet manager. Kaya agrees. Prachi goes with them.

Vikram asks Aryan if he saw the remote. The reporter says the concerned families are waiting for their family members who are inside. Another reporter says govt haven’t taken any action yet.

It is black, Aryan says. Pallavi asks him to find it and give it to her. The remote is found and Aryan gives it to Vikram. Pallavi says he seems lost, since his marriage is fixed. Vikram switches on the TV to see the news about the attack. Pallavi says Ranbir is at the same hotel.

Ranbir comes to the room to take Khushi back from the cupboard where she hid her. Aryan says that’s why he is not answering my call. He tells him to switch on the TV. Pallavi runs out of the room.

Ranbir sees Prachi come there. She informs him that terrorists are outside. The lady informs him that the terrorists are outside. The terrorist comes inside, but everyone is hiding. He gets a call from his boss and leaves.

Seeing the terrorist outside, one of the guys tells Ranbir and Khushi to leave now. He sits down to tie his shoe lace and tells Khushi that she is brave. The reporter asks why police and government haven’t reached here when the media are able to reach here.

The boss shows the map of the hotel to another terrorist. They hear the reporter say that Yashvardhan Singhania was in the same hotel for his daughter’s wedding.

He tells the terrorists that if they get this rich guy, they will become powerful and become number. 1 terrorist group. He says let’s search for him. The terrorist says you have access to hotel CCTV. This attack has been planned for six months, which is why you can see it outside of India, according to the boss.

In memory of Ranbir’s accusation, Prachi opens the door and tells the rescued people to go outside. The lady’s husband appears. The lady tells Prachi that she and her daughter are safe.

Prachi says my daughter will be angry with me and not feel proud. The lady says she will forgive you. Prachi says she is away. When the lady returns, your daughter will hug you and give you such a lot of love that you will feel as if you have returned to your world. Prachi becomes emotional and goes back to save Kaya.

As soon as the police arrive, the reporter asks why you arrived late. The Inspector says you don’t know how government works and tells them not to panic. He asks his team to keep the media away from the area. As the media becomes angry, they report that the police do not know how many attackers are inside.

The doctor is already in Kaya’s room. He gets scared and says don’t kill me. He gets relieved seeing Ranbir. He asks Doctor where Kaya is. The doctor says she isn’t here. Ranbir says he needs to go and bring Kaya and her friend.

He tells Khushi that he needs to go. Khushi says she is scared. Ranbir asks her to be brave and plays his magic to make her fear go. The Inspector sees the hotel map. A call comes in from his superior informing him that Harshvardhan Singhania and his family are inside. He says terrorists will not be aware of this.

The inspector identifies Vikram, Pallavi and Aryan. Vikram says his son is inside. Vikram assures the inspector that he will not suffer any harm. Vikram Kohli’s son is also there, according to the reporter. A terrorist attack at the hotel is reported to the city’s citizens.

Watching the CCTV footage of Harshvardhan’s room, the terrorist knocks at the door. Harshvardhan’s guard opens the door, and Ranbir says he’s looking for his boss’s daughter. Harshvardhan recognizes him and says hi. He says a staff member rescued them. Ranbir says he’ll do that. Harshvardhan thanks him. We need to capture this guy, the terrorists ask his men.

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