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Meet 10th April 2023 Written Update


Meet : Written Episode and Written Update for 10th April 2023 on

As Meet sits beside Manmeet in the hospital crying, he tells him to open his eyes, we started to become friends and now you want to leave me. As Shagun walks into the room with a blanket, Meet picks up a white feather from Manmeet and says that if a white feather falls on your body, your wish will be fulfilled.

Jasodha stood in front of the temple in her home, tears streaming down her face. Sarkar approached her, urging her to remain strong, as Manmeet needed her. The following day, Shagun lay sleeping beside Manmeet. As he woke up, Manmeet’s eyes fluttered open. With determination, he proclaimed, “I’ll gather everyone outside.” Shagun also woke up and asked him if he was alright. At that moment, Jasodha, Sarkar, and Mahendra entered the room. Sarkar turned to Jasodha and shared, “God has answered your prayers.” Overwhelmed with emotion, Jasodha’s heart swelled with gratitude.

As Manmeet looks at Meet, he remembers that she stabbed him. Sarkar says I’ll speak to him, and he sits beside him and asks, “Who attacked you, who would do such a thing to my child?’. Manmeet points at Meet, and everyone is in shock.

He turns and sees the water cooler behind her, so she gets it for him and helps him drink it. Sarkar and Mahendra ask about the stabber. Sarkar says no need to worry; the entire hospital is empty. Manmeet says I could not see anything. Shagun wonders why you are saving Meet if you know you saw everything.

Shagun persists, saying, “You must have seen something.” Meet retorts, questioning her, “What are you doing? He will tell.” Meanwhile, Manmeet, struggling for breath, informs the doctor of his suffocation and urgently requests everyone to leave. Mahendra intervenes, instructing the doctor to remain silent. Manmeet then instructs everyone else to depart, except for Meet, who is to stay by his side. Following his directive, everyone exits the room. She is told by Manmeet to leave Sarkarpur and me forever.

I don’t understand Manmeet and Meet’s relationship. She was talking to him when he was asleep. Is she in love with my son and is Manmeet also trying to get Meet to be around him? I don’t understand why he told her to stay.

As I was about to leave, you intercepted me. Please, at least inquire about the desires of my heart. I don’t wish to part ways with you. However, when Manmeet becomes enraged, he removes his oxygen mask and forcefully presses her against the wall. He exclaims, “Stop pretending! Your hypocrisy hurts me more than this physical wound.”

Manmeet tells Meet that you have little time left to leave Sarkarpur and leave. If Sarkar knows you have tried to kill me, my father will kill you. From now on we are not related to each other, we are not friends, we are just fulfilling Raj’s promise.

What are you saying, when did I attack you, says Meet. Sarkar, Shagun, Jasodha and Mahendra listen everything. Manmeet says I started the game by marrying you and ended it by stabbing me with a knife. There is nothing left between us anymore, so he asks her to leave. Shagun says I was right, you heard everything.

Sarkar speaks up, stating, “I overheard everything.” His gaze shifts towards Meet as he continues, “Shagun had warned me the last time my son went to meet you.” He takes Shagun away with him. Manmeet tries to interject, saying, “Listen…” However, Mahendra intervenes, stopping Manmeet from speaking further. Frustrated, Manmeet exclaims that he will shoot her and demands to be released. Shagun steps in, restraining him, and asserts that she should face consequences for her attempt to harm him and tear them apart.

Meet exclaims, “I didn’t do anything!” Sarkar forcefully throws her into the common area. Mahendra states, “We heard everything,” and requests Sarkar to take action by shooting her. Meet says, believe me, I did nothing. Jasodha becomes angry when Sarkar tells Jasodha to take the gun and shoot her; she attempted to steal your son from you. Jasodha takes Sarkar’s gun and points at Meet.

Shagun shouts at Manmeet, telling her to leave her or they will kill her. The doctor walks into the room and says you should rest. Manmeet tells the doctor they will kill her so try to understand. The doctor asks the nurse to bring an injection.

As Jasodha aims the gun at Meet, he asserts, “I didn’t do anything. I only wanted to apologize to Manmeet, so I requested a meeting with him.”. But before I could apologise, someone fainted. Sarkar says it won’t work and asks Jasodha to shoot. Jasodha fires the gun, but Manmeet pulls Meet out by pushing Jasodha’s hand. Sarkar, Mahendra and Shagun ask Jasodha to shoot, but Jasodha fires it.

As Manmeet gets up, Raj promised me that he would take care of her and keep her safe, so please do not kill her. Sarkar asks Manmeet to move because I want to see her bleeding. Manmeet is bleeding, and things may go out of our hands if we don’t treat him in time.

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