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Meet 15th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 15th June 2023 Written episode Written update on

Manmeet notices Meet walking absentmindedly as they prepare for Meet Ahlawat’s factory bidding. Meet arrives, feeling disheartened as she thinks about Meet Ahlawat’s dream.

Mahendra brings Gunwanti home, and she continues to act as if she is in pain. They express disappointment towards them. Mahendra claims that by law, no one can ask them to leave the house. He pushes Sarkar’s wheelchair forcefully. Jasodha raises her hand to stop Mahendra, but he stops her. Then Jasodha says Meet will respond to Mahendra appropriately.

Manmeet calls out to Meet, who continues walking. Despite this, Meet embraces Manmeet and becomes emotional. He reassures her that she cannot give up and they will put in the effort to reclaim control of the factory. Chanda appears and advises Meet to reconsider selling the factory, which she worked so hard to build. She hands over the necessary documents. The bidding for the factory commences while Gunwanti charges her photo which is suddenly turned off. Believing no one is watching, she sneaks into the kitchen to enjoy halwa. As people bid higher for the factory, Mahendra savors the moment. Meanwhile, Meet prays for guidance from God on how to halt the bidding process.

Upon returning home, Meet presents the factory papers to God and implores for assistance in protecting Manmeet’s aspirations. Unexpectedly, the papers are blown away and land on Gunwanti’s phone. Meet then observes Gunwanti’s unblemished photo on display, coming to the realization that her burns were fabricated. Fueled by this revelation, she determines that she must reveal the truth to all. Meet harbors suspicion towards Shagun and considers notifying Manmeet about the deception. However, her attempts are hindered as Manmeet’s phone is powered off, preventing any means of communication.

Manmeet is concerned about Meet’s absence. She understands that she must head to Anue and reveal the truth in order to put an end to the bidding. However, in her haste to leave, she accidentally drops Gunwanti’s phone into a bucket of water, rendering it useless. This realization causes Meet to panic as she knows she cannot allow Shagun to win. Later, during the factory bidding, Shagun mocks Manmeet for not being able to handle seeing her dream being destroyed. Despite Shagun’s constant provocation, Manmeet manages to keep his cool and control his anger.

Meet grabs a bowl of salt, realizing it can be used to help heal Gunwanti’s wounds. Chanda questions Manmeet about any possibilities of saving Meet’s factory. Manmeet reassures her that Meet will come out on top and then departs. Meet enters Gunwanti’s room with the bowl of salt, claiming it is a remedy for burns. Gunwanti agrees to have it applied and notices an improvement in her condition. Meet cunningly persuades Gunwanti to taste the salt, catching her off guard. Upon discovering this betrayal, Gunwanti confesses to plotting against Jasodha in front of Meet. However, she remains confident that Meet will not be able to prove anything. Just then, the inspector arrives at the scene and overhears their conversation before arresting Gunwanti for her deceitful actions.

Manmeet and Meet rush in and shout stop this auction. Mahendra says you two are late; your factory has already been sold. Meet collapses to the ground.

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