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Meet 22nd March 2023 Written Update

Meet 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update on

Sarkar asks Jalebi to sit beside him during the ceremony. Sarkar asks Gunwanti to bring haldi. Gunwanti shows her hand with bandages and says she cannot bring Haldi. She stands aside. Sarkar asks Sapna to bring it. After all, the ladies begin to offer excuses, Meet keeps Jasodha’s photo and starts reading about Gandhi’s protest from a history book. Sarkar asks Imarti if she wants to join them or if she will bring Haldi. Imarti leaves.

Imarti steps on a stool to check for Haldi in the kitchen. Gunwanti vomits in the kitchen. Imarti jumps from the stool. Gunwanti says you are pregnant, then how are you able to jump, don’t let your sister’s marriage ruin your life. Imarti says to not worry, once Jalebi gets married, I will ask you to take care of everything.

As Imarti walks to Sarkar, Meet says she went back to work out. Sarkar walks to Meet and says what do you think you can do to defeat me with these ladies, there is still one person left who will listen and calls Jasodha. Meet says she was sad, so Manmeet took her to the Ashram. On a video call, Jasodha asks why she is doing everything she is doing.

Sarkar asks Imarti to bring ammunition. Imarti asks where they are and I have no idea. In the same way that a husband and wife are incomplete without each other, Meet says that hun is the foundation of this house. Therefore, you do not value her, but you cannot stand without her. It is her value that makes these walls your home and tells him about Jasodhas’ values. He walks to the servant and says something. He leaves the house. Sarkar says you think you can stop the ceremony?

As Jasodha watches everything on his phone, he says, “I never took care of anyone, but today everyone stands up for me.” Manmeet believes what Meet is saying, that you are the base of this house, and that everyone is strong because of you. He tells Jasodha how important she is. With some berries, Meet walks to Jasodha and Manmeet.

We women know how to care for others, that’s why we know everything. Manmeet asks her how you know she likes berries. She sits next to Jasodha, who asks her if these are also poisonous. Stop doubting me and realize you have power. No one can do anything in that house without you. Speak out against wrongdoing.

Sarkar prohibits me from doing this, and I cannot go against it. Why are you doing this? This is not your family, you are here forcefully. Gunwanti and Sapna are my daughters-in-law, and you tricked them into visiting. My mother used to say that one can win the world with love, and I have always believed that. Meet says you think I don’t have anything.

Due to my twin brother’s death at birth, no one wanted me, and Dadi blamed me for it, so it took a long time for Dadi to accept me. When my father passed away, the whole society was against me. But even after years, they accepted me. Even after marriage, Meets family did not love me, but Raj Papaji always believed in me and I have always fought for love, so all of this is not new to me, and I will try here too.

She tells Meet that if there is even one supporter at her in-laws’ house, she can fight the whole world, accept me as your daughter, and see how I fight for your happiness because a mother can never be upset with her daughter.

You respect and love Sarkar and I promise I won’t let this second marriage happen. Meeting wipes her tears and says this is the strength of love. Jashoda says I don’t know what a daughter is and I don’t want one, so you can never be my daughter-in-law.

Seeing that you all are afraid of what I may do next, Sarkar says, I just need to wait for Jashoda. Jashoda and Meet walk in. Manmeet stands with Jashoda. Sarkar tells Meet, you called Jashoda the strength of this family, the boss, and asks Ram to bring all women in. There are a few women who walk in on ghungat.

Jashoda will clean my room, cook for me, and take care of my clothes, Sarkar says from today onwards. You called her important, but I replaced her with maids, and with my money and power, no woman can affect me. Sarkar asks the women to get to work and sits with Jalebi.

He tells the women of the house to go aside and stand or go back to their rooms because there is going to be a wedding tomorrow, and he says to Meet, whatever you want, I can’t stop you.


The reason for the mess is Meet. Sarkar says kill her. Sarkar’s men kidnap Meet and tie her to a plank near a saw. Meet wakes up and realizes she’s close to the saw.

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