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Meet 23rd April 2023 Written Update

Meet 23rd April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Meet is in her room when Shagun enters and mocks her attempts to look beautiful, claiming that Manmeet will ask her to sit beside him instead. Meet asserts that the havan is for Manmeet’s well-being and that she, as his wife, will sit for it. She expresses her concerns about Shagun’s presence, fearing that she might harm Manmeet again. Shagun confidently declares that she will sit beside him, challenging Meet by stating that if she fails, the havan will not take place. Meet asserts that the pooja will be completed with her sitting next to Manmeet and leaves the room.

Everyone gathers for the havan. Manmeet asks Gunwanti about Shagun’s whereabouts. Sarkar informs him that she went to the temple to pray for him and urges him to sit down. Meet arrives with Jasodha and Meghna. Panditji instructs Meet and Manmeet to sit and explains the significance of being husband and wife before commencing the pooja. Panditji chants mantras, and Meet and Manmeet perform the pooja. Suddenly, Manmeet receives a call from Shagun, who pleads for him to come and save her from a group of misbehaving goons.

Shagun is being harassed by the goons on the street, crying out for help. Manmeet sees her in danger and shouts at the perpetrators. The goons taunt Manmeet, claiming that Shagun is not his wife and that he is having an affair with her despite being married to Meet. Manmeet tries to confront them physically, but Shagun intervenes, urging him to reveal their true relationship. Shagun gives a meaningful look to Meet. A stranger accuses Manmeet of hiding the truth, stating that he already has a wife but continues to have Shagun in his life.

Manmeet attempts to attack him, but Sarkar stops him and points out that no matter how hard he tries, society will view his relationship with Shagun as an affair. Sarkar adds that while Manmeet fulfilled his promise, Shagun is still waiting for him, having received nothing but humiliation from their love. Manmeet angrily proclaims that Shagun is his love, but she insists that society will never understand. Sarkar emphasizes that relationships hold significance when they have a name, and Manmeet is responsible for tarnishing Shagun’s character. He states that if Manmeet wants to restore her reputation, he must perform the pooja with Shagun, not Meet. Manmeet becomes furious, and Sarkar and Shagun exchange glances.

Gunwanti and Shagun are in their room together. Gunwanti remarks that despite Shagun’s attempts to gain attention, nobody had the opportunity to sit in the havan since it was cancelled. Shagun confidently says that if Manmeet is finding it difficult to make a decision, she will assist him in deciding and asks Gunwanti to wait until tomorrow.

Manmeet sits alone, contemplating Sarkar’s words about Shagun’s character. Meet approaches him with a glass of lassi, but Manmeet declines. Meet suggests that talking might help him, but Manmeet admits that he is in the wrong. He explains that he had promised Meet’s father to find a suitable life partner for her, someone who would love and support her, making her happy. He believes that if she is happy,

Shagun will also be happy, and he will find the right person for Meet. Meet insists that he promises to find that person for her, and Manmeet agrees. Meet asks him to think it through, and Manmeet responds by pointing to his reflection in the mirror, stating that he is the person she should be with. Meet expresses her love for him, but Manmeet rejects her feelings, emphasizing his love for Shagun and their lifelong connection since childhood. Meet pleads for a chance, but Manmeet reminds her that their relationship began with deceit and considers their bond as friendship.


Meet expresses her love for Manmeet, but he rejects her, claiming that their relationship is based on friendship and his love for Shagun.

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