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Meet 25th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th June 2023 Written Episode and Written Update on

Shlok and Raunak meet, with the latter showcasing a concert song that has already reached 1 million views. The enthusiastic fans are cheering for the performer known as Wonderboy. Boldly, Raunak taunts Shlok to confess that he is the true Wonderboy, challenging his nerve to expose a secret that should have stayed hidden. A heated exchange ensues between them, but before things get out of hand, Shagun steps in to stop Raunak from physically assaulting Shlok. She vouches for Shlok’s character, assuring that he would never break his commitment.

With Shlok’s injuries piquing her curiosity, Shagun inquires about their origin. However, instead of telling the truth, Shlok spins a fabricated story about being involved in an accident. Despite Shagun persisting and asking about the girl involved, he reluctantly reveals that she is no longer a part of his life. Seeing his vulnerability, Shagun offers him support and encourages him to share his feelings with her. She even reassures him that she hopes he can win the girl back. Meanwhile, Raj comforts Sumeet who is trying to put up a strong façade. Sarthak prevents Sholok from approaching Sumeet as she has made it clear that she does not want to talk to him anymore. And in agreement with Sarthak, Raj forbids Shlok from getting close to her as well. He reminds Sumeet that there will always be people in this world who will try to hurt them, bringing up Shagun’s past actions and how they caused harm to Meet and Manmeet due to her revenge plan.

Raj relives Manmeet’s passing and holds Sumeet close, vowing to protect her from any hardships. In return, Sumeet declares she will overlook Raj’s lack of knowledge and hot temper, on the condition that he professes his love for her at the party. Vani expresses her thanks to Sumeet for creating such a remarkable event. To everyone’s surprise, Raunak arrives with Abhay by his side. Abhay introduces Raunak to Sumeet, highlighting how she played a vital role in bringing Vani and him back together. The crowd cheers as Abhay flirts with Sumeet and Raunak is hailed as a wonderboy.

Raunak introduces Shlok to Sumeet, commending his intelligence. However, Shlok assures her that she already knows of his intellect. Raj notices Shlok’s arrival at the party and worries about the potential hurt Sumeet may experience. Throughout the event, Shlok approaches Sumeet and shares a metaphor about the real moon and its reflection in water. Unfortunately, Sumeet struggles to understand his analogy and expresses disappointment in herself for placing trust in him. She also feels inadequate for not being able to discern between right and wrong like her mother.

Raj is eager to confront Shlok, but Sumeet stops him, citing that fighting Shlok would only prove her weak. Meanwhile, Shagun is enjoying watching Raunak’s concert video, basking in his success. Later at the party, Raunak tries to tease Shlok about Sumeet, but Shlok makes it clear he wants Raunak to stay out of his personal affairs. As music fills the air, Raunak asks Sumeet to dance with him and she accepts. From a distance, Shlok watches as they dance together. Once the song ends, Raunak kneels before Sumeet and presents her with a red rose, asking for her hand in marriage. Vani encourages Sumeet to say yes, reminding her of her love for Wonderboy. Sumeet admits that she loves his voice because it makes all her worries disappear. With anticipation, Raunak awaits her answer while Shlok walks away quietly, feeling hurt.

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