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Meet Written Update 29th June 2023 Written Update


Meet 29th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

She asks Sumeet to marry Raunak and blackmails her emotionally, but Sumeet insists on marrying someone she loves. Masoom reminds Sumeet she always wanted to be like Meet, who always prioritized others’ happiness. She asks Sumeet to decide if she wants to become like Meet. Raj offers to sign Sumeet’s admission papers for the London school of music, but Sumeet tears them up. Having thought a lot, she tells Raj that she is ready to marry Raunak.

Raj questions Sumeet about her unexpected change of heart, unaware that Masoom is listening in. He wonders if her decision was influenced by Raunak, the man she chose for herself. Silent tears fall from Sumeet’s eyes as she fabricates a story about receiving a heartfelt message from Raunak. She continues to deceive, keeping the true reason for agreeing to the marriage hidden. Feeling overwhelmed, Sumeet retreats to her room to cry alone. However, she pulls herself together and makes a vow to emulate her strong mother, Meet. Moved by Sumeet’s sacrifice for Vani’s happiness, Masoom embraces her and praises her for being just like Meet.

Shagun playfully offers sweets to Meet’s photograph, jokingly declaring that they will soon be in-laws. She confidently states that once Sumeet leaves the comfort of her palace and enters the Choudhary house, she will have a taste of hell. Shagun is determined to make Sumeet’s life miserable and seek revenge for something that happened in the past. Shlok later confides in Sarthak about his concern regarding the upcoming marriage. Suddenly, Raunak shows up and insists on celebrating with sweets, proudly stating that Sumeet has agreed to marry him. He smugly brags about his popularity among girls and asks Shlok if he is happy for him. After Raunak leaves, Shlok is visibly distraught, thinking about what it would be like to see Raunak marry Sumeet.

As the two met, Raunak thanked Sumeet for accepting his proposal with joy and presented her with numerous gifts. He reassured her that he wanted her to continue pursuing her dreams even after their marriage, so he suggested she go to London, offering her the keys to his house there and showing her a college poster. Raj and Masoom were convinced that Raunak would bring happiness to Sumeet’s life. However, later on, Raunak indulged in partying with other women and taking drugs. When his girlfriend questioned how he could marry someone else while claiming to love her, Raunak responded by humiliating and asking her to leave. As the party continued, Shagun arrived and warned Raunak to keep this side of him hidden from Raj until after the marriage.

Shlok enlists the help of Raunak’s ex-girlfriend to expose his true nature. Onboard with Shlok’s plan, she agrees to do so. Meanwhile, Shlok’s mother informs Shagun about the preparations for the two simultaneous weddings. As a result, Shagun decides to postpone her visit to the Ahlawat Mansion until after the ceremonies. Vani confronts Sumeet about why she agreed to marry Raunak despite not being in love with him. Sumeet responds by saying that she believes love will blossom between them after they are married. However, as time passes, Sumeet finds herself torn between her rational mind and her heart’s desires. Determined to lead Sumeet towards following her heart, Shlok remains resolute in his efforts.

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