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Teri Meri Doriyaan 17th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu Episode Update

Angad tells Sahiba over the phone thinking her as Seerat that they both love their family and will accept their decision, but he wants to know if she has any doubts. Seerat says she cannot compromise on her happiness, so Sahiba feels anxious and hopes she returns from wherever she is. Garry advises Seerat not to be adamant.

They can be friends forever, but she has to marry Angad for their family’s sake. Garry says she is marrying Angad just after 3 days. Seerat says he is talking philosophically like her father and becomes enraged. Garry asks her what she needs. She holds his hand and asks if he really doesn’t know what she wants. Sahiba says Angad insists she just say yes or no. She thinks if she says no, Seerat’s alliance might be canceled, and Santosh may suffer an attack.

When Garry tells Seerat he knows what she needs and that he loves her, Seerat gets excited. Garry smiles and says he is feeling light after expressing his feelings for her, but he cannot marry her because Angad is his boss. Angad asks Sahiba/Seerat how we can elope and marry. Sahiba anxiously says I love you. Angad feels happy because he doesn’t love Angad and wants to spend life with him.

Garry asks Seerat to elope and marry her or else she will die. Seerat knows he loves her, but Garry shows his fake love for her and asks her to give him a little time to resolve things. He kisses her hand and promises to marry her. She hugs him. He notices it’s 12:30 midnight and says she should go home. Seerat asks him to make an informed decision.

With Jasleen, Garry returns home and celebrates. Kiara asks what plans they have against Angad. Garry tells Kiara to watch and wait. She says Jasleen has fun, but has to bear Brar family orders. Jasleen says her orders are soon to be followed in this house, and her children will rule it. Kiara asks if she is planning anything. She tells Garry it’s a secret and asks him to remember the discrimination she suffered in this home.

Upon returning home, Seerat was alarmed to find Sahiba there. “Where were you?” Sahiba asked, insisting it was her business. Seerat shot back saying she didn’t have to answer anyone, and that her actions would not result in their parents’ humiliation. Seeking to protect her privacy, she declared she was not so big as to be interrogated by her sister and asked to just let her sleep. Sahiba, however, took hold of Seerat’s hand and warned that Santosh’s dreams would be shattered if she kept engaging in secretive plans with mere three days before the wedding. Understanding how much the girl cared for Santosh, Seerat responded that she too was concerned about him; after all, it was not on his account that the alliance had been made but hers. With that said, she settled for a peaceful night of music and sleep; albeit with a worried Sahiba thinking about what might be going through Seerat’s mind upon discovering Angad had called during her absence.

Santosh mortgages her house and demands 40-50 lakhs from the lender. Veer visits Sahiba and asks her to design Angad’s wedding sehra.

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