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Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 23rd July 2023 Written Episode Update on

Inder tells Sahiba that she found her locket. When Angad asks Simran if she found her locket, Simran says her uncle found it and searched for her. Since she brought Simran to this house, Inder considers telling Sahiba that Simran is his daughter. He tries to walk to Sahiba again but hides again when he sees Angad coming. When Angad asks Simran if she found her locket, Simran shows it.

As Angad suggests going for dinner, Simran requests to use the washroom before they eat. Sahiba accompanies her to the washroom. Impressed, Simran remarks on how big and beautiful Sahiba’s washroom is. Meanwhile, Inder approaches Sahiba, and she asks if he came to talk about Simran, describing her as a beautiful girl. Sahiba assures him that she and Angad will make sure that Simran doesn’t cause any trouble. Angad requests Sahiba to listen to him for a moment. He confesses that he is Simran’s biological father, leaving Sahiba shocked by the revelation. Inder urges her to hear him out as well.

As they walk out of the washroom, Simran informs Sahiba that her uncle found her locket and even showed her a photo of her mother.. Sahiba is stunned. Simran asks why she appears sad. Sahiba says she is not sad. Simran insists on telling her story. Sahiba walks out with Simran while Inder insists on speaking to her. Inder sends Simran down with the maid.

Inder led Simran to a room and recounted the story of how he fell for Gayatri, who then gave birth to Simran. His reluctance to start a family caused them to separate, and Gayatri made him swear not to reveal his identity. Two years ago, Inder learned that his beloved had passed away, leading him on a search for his daughter ever since. Fatefully, he found her in an orphanage; even though the warden deceived him over her whereabouts, it was destined that Simran would stay with her father rather than the orphanage.

Sahiba asks him if he will reveal the truth to Manveer and Angad. Inder says no. Sahiba says she can’t hide the truth from Manveer since he has the right to know. Inder promises to reveal the truth to Angad and Manveer himself and needs time. After knowing all this, Sahiba asks how to trust him. According to Inder, she should trust his tears and trust that he will reveal everything to everyone soon. However, Sahiba fears how Angad and Manveer will react.

She walks down to the living room and sees Angad playing with Simran. When Seerat finds out that Sahiba has a good fate, she tells Sahiba that everyone should have a similar fate since she gets everything without asking for it. She tries to join Simran and Angad. Simran stops playing. Sahiba asks Simran to eat dinner. Simran says she cannot because she ate lots of cake. Angad says she can’t.

She used to have stale food in the orphanage and doesn’t mind eating it in the morning. Although she is tired, she cannot sleep alone in this big house. Seerat says Simran can sleep in her room. Simran denies. Sahiba and Angad say she can sleep there. She happily accompanies them, which makes Seerat even more jealous.

Seeing a barrier between the beds, she asks if they would play tennis on them. Her life in the orphanage was difficult and she missed her papa dearly. Sahiba says she slept with her parents when she was a child. Angad replies that he can’t do that because his parents are different. Simran then asks if she can sleep between them and requests them to remove the barrier from the bed. Both Angad and Simran look at each other in surprise.


The rakhi box is dropped by Simran. Because she doesn’t have a brother, she is collecting rakhis for her brother. Angad asks her to tie it to him as he is now her brother. Simran asks him for a gift after tying Rakhi. Angad asks if he will support his mother or wife now that Simran is his father’s illegitimate child brought in by Sahiba.

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