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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th May 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hain

Written episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th May 2023 on

The episode begins with Abhinav running towards Abhir’s class. The man asks where Sharma ji is. Abhir says he will give the presentation with my doctor. Abhinav looks on. Abhimanyu and Abhir see him at the door. Abhimanyu asks Abhinav to go. Abhir asks Papa to come. Abhinav holds Abhimanyu and takes him inside. He greets the teacher and asks if it would be okay to give the presentation. She says yes. Abhir says wow, that’s the best.

Akshara notices that Abhinav and Abhimanyu are standing next to the broken project. Abhimanyu expresses his frustration, saying they were responsible for breaking it. He then walks away. Wondering what happened, Akshara recalls a previous incident where the kids teased Abhir about having two fathers. However, Abhir confidently confirmed this fact and praised both of his dads for their love and care towards him. The teacher commends Abhir for remaining calm despite being teased and the presentation continues as planned while everyone applauds.

Abhimanyu requests the sticker from Abhinav, who accidentally drops it. Without hesitation, Abhimanyu volunteers to pick it up. Unfortunately, in the process, the project gets damaged and the kids tease Abhir about it. One of the girls comments that she’s lucky to have a father who can make things for her. This brings tears to Abhir’s eyes and the flashback ends. Akshara scolds both Abhimanyu and Abhinav for their actions. As they apologize, she decides to do something nice for Abhir and suggests making an oatmeal cake if they agree. Manish questions why Kairav went to her hostel after being blocked and Surekha defends him by saying he did it out of kindness. However, Manish tells her to be quiet and calmly explains the situation to Kairav. Dadi and Manish then ask Kairav what he wants from them moving forward.

Kairav expresses uncertainty, while Manish warns to avoid any issue, as he won’t be able to forgive this time. Abhir admires his mother’s delicious and healthy cake and decides to enjoy it in hiding. Hearing Akshara and Abhinav’s arrival, Abhir hides behind the sofa and eavesdrops on their conversation. Despite Abhinav’s apology for upsetting Abhir, Akshara believes that he deserves happiness instead of punishment. Abhinav assures that Abhir is his top priority, even though he is not his biological father. This brings tears to Abhir’s eyes as he recalls memories with him. As they search for Abhir in his room, they continue to value their bond with him.

Abhir is running, and Abhimanyu approaches him, advising him to stop. Akshara greets Abhir upon his arrival and reminds him that he didn’t have the cake. Abhinav reassures him not to be upset, and to enjoy the cake. However, Abhir declines, continuing to run. Akshara asks if something else is wrong, expressing concern for his well-being. Abhinav explains that he is upset and struggling with a different issue. Abhimanyu notes that he is mature enough to handle it on his own. Later, Abhir locks himself in his room and expresses his frustration over being lied to by their parents. Manjiri questions why Ruhi was not told the truth about their father’s whereabouts, while Aarohi defends her decision not wanting anyone else to inform Ruhi that Abhimanyu is with her brother in Kasauli. This causes them to argue until Aarohi decides she will simply tell Ruhi that her father is in Kasauli and return after Abhir’s recovery. Curious, Ruhi asks about their dog Poppy’s whereabouts, prompting Aarohi to explain that they were going to tell her about it before Man

Ruhi mentioned that you were fighting and she thought it was cute. Abhimanyu then explained to me that I shouldn’t get angry because Poppy is the best. Aarohi smiled and pointed out how scared you were, but Ruhi accepted the truth about your dislike for Akshara . Manjiri tried to explain that there is a difference between their situations. However, Aarohi disagreed and said that both Akshara and Manjiri had fears – Akshara feared losing her son, while Manjiri feared Abhimanyu losing Ruhi. This reminded Abhir of what Abhinav had said before. Subsequently, Abhimanyu and Abhinav took him outside where he screamed for help, but then realized it was all a show with music playing in the background. They presented him with apology cards and danced around him while playing “Itti si hasi”. In the midst of all this, Akshara fed cake to Abhir who noticed his real father standing there and wondered why he had denied being his Papa earlier.


He asks Abhir what is wrong. Abhir says he won’t tell anyone, my Papa isn’t my real father, help me find my real father. Abhimanyu cries. Akshara looks shocked.

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