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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Abhinav waking up to find Akshara missing from the room. Upon going outside, he sees her asking Muskaan and Kairav to get married. Surprised to see Muskaan in Kasauli, Abhinav ponders when she arrived. Akshara further suggests that the two apologize to Abhinav and Neela and continue their love for each other by getting married. She then hands over a bridal dress to Muskaan. However, Kairav expresses his hesitation, recalling how they didn’t speak for six years and doesn’t want a similar situation for Muskaan and Abhinav. He insists on marrying Muskaan with respect and approval from their families, as their love may not survive without their support. Kairav refuses to take any action until both Neela and Abhinav approve of their union.

It is impossible for Muskaan to remain happy by hurting Abhinav and Neela, so I cannot stay with you. Kairav wipes her tears and says it is not my fault, Abhinav and Neela refused to accept my relationship, so I will live with your memories, but not separate you from your family. He leaves. Muskaan hugs Akshara and cries as he leaves. Abhinav becomes sad. Kairav says, Take care, I’ll always love you, mountain girl. He leaves.

Akshara smiles as Abhinav stops Kairav. He gives Muskaan his hand. He says I knew this would happen, why were you leaving, could she stay without you, forgive me, I couldn’t see your love, I was wrong, Muskaan loves and respects you, and I believe that you will never break her heart. He hugs them. Akshara sees Abhimanyu and signs him. Flashback shows Akshara asking Abhimanyu how it will work out.

Abhimanyu voices his concerns about the plan’s potential risks. She prompts him to continue. He suggests asking Kairav and Muskaan to elope and wed, but acknowledges that they may not actually go through with it. She expresses reluctance to deceive them. He points out that involving Abhinav would ensure Kairav’s refusal, as he values family greatly but isn’t aware of the situation. She wonders if Abhinav will agree. Abhimanyu assures her that he will, as he has misjudged Kairav and his feelings, and urges her to trust both of them for the plan to succeed. The flashback concludes.

Abhinav notices Akshara gazing at Abhimanyu, while Neela bestows blessings upon Muskaan and Kairav. Kairav then makes a promise to shower her with love, causing Akshara to let out a delighted laugh. Abhir wards off any negative energy with a joke, leaving them all smiling. Akshara playfully comments on Kairav’s tendency to get angry, to which he responds that he will always be Abhir’s uncle and Muskaan will become his aunt. Abhir chimes in with “Bumi,” making Kairav laugh even more. In the midst of their joy, Akshara receives a call from Manish and informs him that both Neela and Abhinav have agreed to their plan. This news brings happiness to Manish and Suvarna, but causes Surekha to feel upset. Expressing his gratitude, Manish thanks Neela and Abhinav for their agreement.

Akshara announces that we will finally have a marriage date. Kairav protests, claiming that there is no need to rush. Undeterred, she suggests setting a date for next year. Excited, both Kairav and Muskaan inquire about the specifics of the chosen day. Akshara chuckles, reminding them of their previous statement about not being in a hurry. Dadi joins in and suggests involving a pandit to determine an auspicious date for the wedding, while requesting Muskaan’s Kundali. Abhir agrees but adds that Akshara must come to their house for the ceremony. Manish confirms their willingness to assist with all preparations. Akshara expresses her desire to capture the moment with a selfie but notices Abhinav’s absence and wonders where he went. Keen to know what her brother is up to, Abhimanyu steps out and finds Abhinav crying tears of joy. He teasingly asks if he is trying to hide his happiness, but Abhinav reveals that he wants to savor the joy of seeing his sister’s marriage before him. Overjoyed, he shares details about Muskaan and laughs heartily.

She is going forever, he says, so I’m scared. Abhimanyu says he’s there for her. He asks him to keep the rent for the homestay for one month. Abhinav says money doesn’t come between relationships. Abhimanyu says just keep it thinking I’m helping my sister get married. The fate has tied us together, Abhinav says. He earned his first taxi revenue from you in Udaipur, and now he earns his first homestay from you in this country as well. Akshara watches.

Assuring you that I won’t cause any problems in your marriage, Abhimanyu says. Akshara tells you to take care of Abhir. Abhimanyu smiles and says it’s a good day; we should pray to Mahadev. They pray for Kairav and Muskaan. They keep the flowers there. One flower falls.


Abhinav says Akshara, you are from the girl’s family. Akshara says she is with Kairav. Abhimanyu says he is from Muskaan’s family.

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