At the start, Tanisha and Aryaan are seen dancing. She expresses her wish to perform Rajasthani folk music as it would bring joy to the family and take them back to their childhood memories. Everyone is delighted hearing this idea and Savita notes how fortunate they are. With the dance being difficult, Tanisha plans to hire a performer. But Suhana has a better solution for them – Faltu can teach them how to do the dance just like she did with Ayaan. Though he denies having learnt anything from her, Ayaan acknowledges that Faltu is an expert dancer. As she agrees to teach them, everyone jokes about Ayaan’s dancing skills while he claims to be an expert in it. Faltu calls him out for the practice session and they agree happily.

Ayaan and Faltu dance. Sid remarks to Tanu, “They look good together – you and Ayaan have a similar spark!” Faltu then announces her intention to speak with him, but before she can, she experiences pain in her leg and Tanisha inquires as to the cause of her distress. Suhana advises her to be mindful. Tanisha states that they should keep practising; she will teach them. In his thoughts, Sid concludes that some drama is about to occur, so he plans to perform the duet with Tanisha. Later on, when nightfall arrives, Faltu becomes unsettled and decides to call Ayaan.

Everyone gets ready for puja in the morning. Dadi scolds Janardhan. Harsh asks where Ayaan is. Ayaan comes. Faltu tries to talk to him. Janardhan asks them to come. Dadi asks Faltu to come to the temple with them. Tanisha asks why she would bring her with us, just the family would be there.

Dadi says Devi is of everyone, everyone has a right to do puja, and since Faltu came, she is very lucky for us. Yes, she saved your life. Dadi says we will pray, come. Janardhan says don’t focus on these things, Faltu is a guest for a few days, and Tanisha comes. They all pray in the house temple. They leave.

Pappi and Ratan arrive home and cause a disturbance. Janardhan asks Govind to make them go away, while Ayaan keeps Faltu hidden. He requests that Govind phone the police. Pappi enquires who is in charge of the family, to which Dadi responds she is. Pappi teases her by making inappropriate comments, but Ayaan interjects and suggests he speaks with respect as she is his grandmother. Pappi demands to know where Faltu has been taken, as Janardhan engages in an altercation with them. Ratan states that Ayaan had removed his niece from her wedding procession, insisting that it was right for him to do so since their whole village was insulted by his actions. The guy claims they have been searching for her all this time, planning to take her along when finally found. Janardhan orders them to leave immediately and Sid promises to see that it is done.

He goes and scolds Pappi. He says Ayaan is the Ram of this house. He asks Pappi to start the drama. Pappi says ask your brother, call the sarpanch and ask him. Sid asks what nonsense? Ratan says call our sarpanch, you will be able to get the truth. Sid says fine, I trust my brother, tell me the number. Pappi says he is tensed. Janardhan says Ayaan you are my pride, tell them it’s a lie. Savita says he should answer them.

Pappi and Ratan see Faltu, who says that they are right. She says it’s half true, Pappi trapped my dad in debt and wanted to forcefully marry me, so I had to run away. Som says tell them you have fled with Ayaan. Bua says she is right, she was alone when we found her, so we gave her support; Ayaan didn’t know until we got her here that she’d run away.

Faltu insists that Ayaan stays out of it and that she, as an adult, does not need to explain her whereabouts to anyone. Ratan scolds her in response and warns of potential consequences. Pappi attempts to persuade Faltu to accompany him but is stopped by Ayaan who then reprimands him for his actions. Tanisha speaks up, expressing her apathy towards the situation, but Ayaan makes it clear he won’t allow this – Faltu will not be leaving the house anytime soon.

The precap:

Faltu looks on sadly as Ayaan and Tanisha get married.

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For Seerat and Angad’s engagement ceremony, the Mongas visit Brar mansion. They are welcomed by Brars. When Seerat sees Garry dancing with his cousins, she thinks she must speak with him and stop her engagement with Angad. The other 2 daughters of Seerat are asked about by Manveer, who tells him she looks more beautiful today.

Sahiba is occupied with her shop, when Kulcha wonders why she skipped out on her sister’s engagement. She replies that work was a priority and there were outstanding orders to complete. Keerat arrives in the scene with panipuri and remarks that since Sanotsk and Seerat mocked them once, they will now make up for it by sitting out their own sibling’s engagement ceremony. Sahiba commends how Keerat appears robust outwardly yet tender inside. She jests about ATM Angad’s brother, Veer, being scared of her before laughing it off.

According to Santosh, her second daughter has been on a business trip to Mumbai and her third daughter has been on a college trip. As Bebe says let’s begin the engagement ceremony, Seerat sits next to Angad, nervously looking at him. She then walks up to him and clasps his hand. Everyone is shocked. Garry claims she held her hand when she was falling. She nods in agreement.

Angad asks Seerat if he is getting engaged with her wish. Santosh gets tensed hearing that and interrupts. Seerat tells Angad he looks more anxious than she does.

Bebe and Manveer enthusiastically congratulate Daarji on the addition of new family member, which prompts Prince to ask his whereabouts. Angad queries to Manveer as to why Inder was not invited. Manveer humbly responds by saying that there’s no need for him to receive an invitation as it is his son’s engagement ceremony. Daarji walks towards them expressing that Japjot had kept the family together through love and devotion, followed by Manveer and Gurleen faithfully fulfilling their duties, now it is Seerat’s turn. Seerat wishes for her wedding to be closely united with Angad’s. Right at that moment, Inder arrives stating that someone does not seem too keen on having him around; however he refuses to have a heart like his father and declines skipping the engagement ceremony of his son. He introduces himself as Seerat’s Father-in-law-to-be as Bebe lovingly identifies him as her elder son.

In her chunri ceremony, Bebe gives Seerat her family necklace and says her elder daughter in law gets it and passes it on to her elder bahu. Angad asks if she said something. Seerat asks if he heard anything. He says he felt that way. Veer makes fun of him. Seerat remembers Garry gifting her a diamond necklace and murmurs.

Inder gives Seerat a gift next and blesses her. Other family members give their gifts next, and they all pose for the family photo. Seerat stands next to Garry. Garry is replaced by Manveer. Santosh says they should finish the wedding soon and thanks Manveer for arranging such a marvelous event so quickly. Darji and Bebe want Angad and Seerat’s wedding to take place after one year. Santosh thinks by then, the truth will come out.

After Santosh demands a wedding as soon as possible, Manveer gets adamant about performing the ceremony after one year.

Santosh collapses. Ajith tells Sahiba to send their doctor to Brar mansion. Sahiba says she will. Ajith warns her not to as Angad hates her. Sahiba says she will manage.

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By using the backdoor, Keerat reaches Sudha’s kitchen and closes Sudha’s eyes. Sudha identifies her through her rough hands and says that she will never forget her daughter. Keerat asks her to serve sweets to Brars. Sudha asks why she came late and from the backdoor. Keerat recalls taking a lift from Veer after her bike broke down.

Veer feels irritated reaching the same place following Keerat’s route. He asks someone about Sudha’s bungalow who says it’s right in front of him. Keerat pehalwan lies to him, and he decides to get revenge on her. Sahiba leaves Sudha’s house feeling sad after Angad humiliates her in front of her selfish family. Veer is surprised to see her there.

Brars are served sweets by Sudha. Prabjot and Gurleen tease Angad as he looks at Seerat. Bebe says anyone would feel happy seeing Seerat. Kaspal says Seerat is late. Jasleen says maybe it was traffic. Seerat says Jasleen is right. Angad thinks Seerat is so kind-hearted, she is blaming traffic for Sahiba’s mistake.

Seerat thinks Angad is so expressionless and not like charming Garry. Manveer says they liked Seerat for Angad and fixes alliance. Bebe says they should ask Angad once. Angad feels shy. Angad thinks Santosh made a mistake by hiding Sahiba’s true identity just to fix this alliance, according to Ajith.

Seerat has a beautiful and natural nature, Bebe says, and she has always wanted him to marry one. Jaspal congratulates Ajith and asks Bebe if they should perform roka/engagement before the chunri/veil ritual. Bebe wants all the rituals to be performed at Brar Mansion since it is her grandson’s wedding. Santosh is delighted.

Angad’s wedding is fixed and Veer asks Sahiba why she is leaving without noticing him. She says she is tired and sad due to work pressure. He gets Gurleen’s call, and Angad’s wedding is fixed. Sahiba is excited to hear about it and says he has to go since his brother’s wedding cannot happen without him. Sahiba thinks even she is a sister, but her alliance is fixed without her. Though she feels happy for Seerat, she says.

Seeing that Seerat’s wedding with Angad has been fixed, Garry is busy flirting with another girl when Seerat messages him. Sahiba returns home tired after shopping for Seerat’s engagement clothes and thinks she will finish her pending work tomorrow after thinking what to do. He praises himself for trapping Seerat so easily.

Keerat works tirelessly for ungrateful Santosh and Seerat, who are presently basking in the pleasures of Sudha’s house. Sahiba implores her not to speak ill of their mother and elder sister. Ajith arrives with warm water, his eyes filled with tears; upon enquiry, he reveals that feeling powerless to prevent Angad from insulting his daughter has made him understand how poor he really is. Sahiba tries to soothe his grief. Despite her efforts, the tears refuse to stop streaming, dripping upon Sahiba’s feet. She pleads with him to cease crying.

As the engagement ceremony begins at Brar mansion the next day, Darji tells Bebe that he is delighted that the girl they visited during their wedding anniversary is now Angad’s wife. It is Bebe’s wish that Angad and Seerat’s marriage will be filled with endless love and unity. Jasleen predicts Angad and Seerat’s marriage will end in a month, and she will take revenge for being cheated. Brars dance to the song Dhak Dhak Dhadke Ye Dil.

A boy informs that girl’s family game. Jasleen signals Garry to leave the party. Brars go out to welcome them. Santosh gets happy seeing lavish arrangements. Ajith stands out and says Santosh is doing wrong. Santosh threatens him and asks him to act. Seerat thinks where is Garry, she needs to talk to him before the engagement. Brars welcome them and praise Seerat’s beauty.

Seerat holds Garry’s hand before engagement, leaving everyone shocked. Ajith calls Sahiba for assistance.

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She gets sad when she talks about her helpless life. The episode opens with Ayaan defending Faltu. Tanisha disagrees. Faltu says I can do the aid myself, do not worry. When I return to my village, my parents will welcome me with pride and love, and I do not have a place for any guy, love, or marriage. Ayaan smiles. Tanisha glances at them.

When Faltu reaches Bua, Bua says if Ayaan tells the truth that he got me here, then his marriage will suffer. Bua says you must stay in this house if you wish Ayaan’s marriage to succeed. Dadi and Savita arrive. Dadi says this is happening. Ratan says Faltu is at Ayaan’s house. His wife gets angry. He says to talk in a low tone, otherwise, Charan can hear this and alert Ayaan, and he will tell Ayaan. She says don’t spare them.

In response to this, Pratap runs to tell Charan. He says Ratan and Pappi found out that Faltu was at Ratan’s place. Faltu apologizes for the sudden change in plans. Dadi says stop it. Rijula and Faltu are asked to stay for the wedding. Savita says yes, you are our guests, don’t insult us by leaving. Faltu says don’t say this, you look like my family.

Pratap says we should inform Faltu about this. Dadi feeds Faltu by her hands. Faltu says it’s really good. Dadi asks Faltu to have food. Savita says Ayaan’s dad isn’t rude, so don’t worry.

Faltu says I’ll feed you. Dadi says you don’t worry. She cries and recalls her mum. Dadi says I’ll feed you by my hand. Tanisha comes and takes the plate. Savita asks what’s this. Tanisha says you’re feeding Faltu in this plate. Dadi asks why. Tanisha says this plate is wrong, it’s expensive, Faltu won’t get used to it. She insults Faltu.

Seeing Faltu cry, Bua says she has helped us by building the mart and saving mum’s life. Tanisha says we will reward her with money. Faltu says that a person’s value can’t be measured by money, thanks, I don’t need your money, I’ll have food in a servant plate. Ayaan asks what’s going on.

Faltu requested Tanisha to stop overfeeding him as he usually eats well when he cooks for himself. Ayaan quipped that Faltu would get his life back on track if he had the daal baati choorma. Faltu agreed but said he could teach him the recipe too. Sumitra scolded the servant upon hearing a ringing phone, and Savita reminded Tanisha and Ayaan of their dance rehearsals. Bua commented on Tanisha’s insult of Faltu, but he reassured her saying she was like an older sister to him. Dadi offered to talk to Tanisha about it, however, Faltu asked her to promise that she wouldn’t tell Ayaan; adding that he would be staying until the marriage ceremony took place.

Faltu’s phone is answered by Sumitra. Charan says Faltu, how did you get to Ayaan’s house, Ratan… She asks who Ratan is. He says my brother. She asks why you said so, your daughter is coming. Faltu takes the phone. Charan tells her about Ratan and Pappi. During the call, Faltu tells Suhana to learn garba moves. Faltu says it won’t be a problem, and she ends the call.

Sid stops them when Papa says we will drag Faltu to your house. Ratan agrees. Ayaan defamed you in front of the entire village, don’t you want revenge on him, just do as I say, you’ll enjoy the drama, come to the mehendi function and you and your gang can do whatever you want. Sid thinks that Ayaan’s story is over, but Pappi says fine, then Ayaan will know tomorrow what the result of playing with my respect will be.

The precap:

Faltu watches sadly as Ayaan and Tanisha get married.

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Written Episode of Kumkum Bhagya for 17th January 2023.

Dida and Pallavi distributed laddoos to everyone in the hospital to celebrate the good news. Shahana and Aryan had brought cakes, and as per Ranbir’s instructions, they were all going to be cut. Aryan joked that it was unnecessarily hard work since 9 months had already passed. Shahana clarified that all 9 cakes would be cut since she took so long to arrive. Thereafter, Dida and Pallavi cut the cakes together.

Aaliya hears them and says she is not a witch who leaves seven homes, but she is Aaliya and doesn’t leave her family. Shahana offers her a cake piece. Aaliya takes it and goes. Vikram calls Dida and asks him to grow old as he saw a little angel. Aryan says Dida shouldn’t have said this and tells Pallavi that she will also grow old.

Pallavi calls Rhea to tell her the good news that Prachi has given birth to a daughter. She also lets her know that she has become Maasi. Rhea is delighted and Pallavi invites her to come to the hospital and wishes Prachi. Rhea, however, cannot make it and suggest that Pallavi should do the honours on her behalf. Pallavi encourages her to put the past aside and celebrate regardless. Tears fill Rhea’s eyes before they say goodbye. After disconnecting, Pallavi wishes that if things had been different, Rhea would have been there with them to celebrate her new role as an aunt.

Prachi teases Ranbir, saying she thought it was for her, and says it is like a birthmark for our daughter. Ranbir shows her a pendant of a moon and star on the chain and tells her it is for her. She says she is joking and asks him to bring her. Ranbir takes the baby and gives her to Prachi. He then makes her wear the chain and pendant and says she will not complain about the baby.

She arrives as a nurse and says she was asked to administer an injection by the doctor. Prachi says the doctor didn’t mention it. Ranbir says you are in such pain, take it. Prachi faints. Ranbir calls her and thinks she has slept, so she gives her an injection. Aaliya then injects him and he faints immediately as well. When the baby starts crying, Aaliya calms her down by taking her in her arms.

Dida and Pallavi give cake to everyone. A patient eats it. A nurse tries to stop her. Pallavi and Dida thank the patient for sharing their happiness. Shahana and Aryan ask Pallavi to dance. She says she loves her very much and had planned to come here to meet her. She says she will not apply black tika to her, but will just kiss her. You are as beautiful as Rhea Maasi, she says.

She enquired if he was familiar with Rhea Maasi, who had come to see him. She proposed making a phone call to her, but since she did not own one, Ranbir’s would be used and so she tried to remember the lock code – she conjectured it may have been something connected to Prachi whom she thought had nothing in common with Rhea. To her surprise, Rhea answered and congratulated Ranbir on having a daughter, which is what he desired.

Aaliya tells Ranbir that she is ecstatic to be there, apologising for not being able to meet the baby and stating how cute she is. Rhea then enquires what brought her there, to which Aaliya replies that she thought Rhea would be glad to see her, accusing Rhea of having completely switched attitudes towards her. She reminds her how if it weren’t for her, Ranbir and his family would still be behind bars – and Prachi’s child would have been born amidst the upheaval, with the burden of providing for many houses on her shoulders. Aaliya also points out that all because of Rhea, Pragya has been killed with both Bhai and himself also falling prey to death. After this, she asks what punishment one deserves for murdering three people – hanging or something more? Upon hearing this, Rhea screeches the car to a halt in surprise as Buji echoes through the air.

Aaliya informs Rhea that she is free from jail and intends to take the baby with her. Hearing this, Rhea shouts in shock. Aaliya explains that the child has been sent to a dream world and is in deep sleep. Having no time to explain further, Aaliya ends the call. Worried, Rhea decides to contact Pallavi. However, Pallavi is already busy celebrating; leaving Rhea determined to save Prachi’s baby, who is like a daughter to her and whom she loves dearly since before birth.

Aaliya tells the baby she will take her out of the mess and rewrite everyone’s fate. She invites her to come along and meet her mum once, and for Prachi to have one last look at the baby. Aaliya mentions that she had given her mum a chance to meet her, yet they both forced her into this situation. She reminds them how she had asked Ranbir to marry Rhea, stressing that if he had done so, then the girl would be Rhea’s daughter and Aaliya herself could become her loving Buji. However, since he rejected Rhea, Aaliya states that their daughter will now suffer the consequences of their choice.

Precap: Prachi tells Ranbir that Aaliya is here and shouts, “Where’s my baby?” Aaliya, dressed in nursing clothes, sits in a car with her baby. Prachi shouts at Ranbir, “because of you, my child is missing!” Ranbir ask why you’re blaming me? Prachi replies, “You’re the father, too, and your responsibility is to look after her as well.” Aaliya, holding the baby, says, “You’re wishing me well.”

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Santosh worries about Seerat’s well-being, and Angad volunteers to go find her with the help of security. Jaspal suggests Santosh not pay attention to Manveer’s remarks as Angad was obligated to attend the Brar Jeweler’s promotion event. Jasleen adds that his engagement is necessary too. Manveer remarks that you can tell a person’s real worth by what they hide rather than what they display. His comment causes Jasleen to ponder if Santosh and Seerat are deceiving her in some way, but Bebe stops her from assuming and instructs Manveer to wait for some more time; however, he retorts that if Seerat does not show up in five minutes, they will leave immediately.

Keerat gets into Veer’s car and demands a lift. Their nok jhok continues. Keerat gets out of car and advises him to lock his car after he gets out of it. Veer asks Sudha’s address. She guides him without hearing the address in her style.

Angad strides out of the house, fuming upon spotting Seerat and Sahiba. In a rage, he barks out what is this woman doing here? He inquires Seerat if she has brought her here. She responds in the negative. Santosh and Manveer follow suit and are greeted by Angad’s torrent of abuse – accusing Sahiba of making Seerat late and that she is an opportunist looking to squeeze money from him through Seerat. Manveer tries to placate him, but Angad continues his tirade without relenting.

Ajith walks in upon seeing Sahiba’s distress and tries to intervene, but Sanoths emotionally manipulates him and warns to take drastic steps if he aid her. However, Ajith remains silent throughout the episode. Seerat accuses Sahiba of attempting to break their union which Santosh shuts her down over. When questioned, Sahiba clarifies she has come bearing goods. The family then offers money and politely requests her to leave while Angad doesn’t spare a chance to embarrass her before tears stream down her face. Forcing Angad to mend his ways, Ajith interjects requesting him to let Sahiba go since she is also someone’s daughter. Despite his hauteur and money power, Angad complies with the request. In return for his help, Sahiba expresses gratitude before departing.

Ajith calls Sahiba for help after Manveer fixes Angad and Seerat’s engagement.

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