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Anupama written update

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Paakhi asks Anuj when he is longing to meet Anupama, then why he doesn’t want to meet her. She says Maaya, Barkha, Vanraj, Leela, etc., don’t want them to meet, but mummy loves only him and doesn’t need anything else from the world. She pleads to him to stop the fight and reunite with Anupama.

She falls on her feet. Anuj asks her not to do this. Paakhi says the Kapadia house doesn’t look good without them, Adhik and Ankush are trying to run the Kapadia empire without him, and mummy cannot live without him and asks if Anupama can live without him. Anuj breaks down and says he can’t live without her. As Anuj slips from Maaya’s hands, she becomes tense. As the title track plays in the background, Anupama recalls Paakhi telling her that Anuj and she are in Mumbai. She wonders why Paakhi went there and if she can handle Anuj.

In response to Anupama’s question, Dimple asks her how she feels. Anupama asks what she means when she walks to her. The wedding has been cancelled because of Dimple’s fight with Samar, Samar doesn’t want Anuj to attend because he thinks Anuj wronged Anupama, and everyone thinks Anuj is a villain and Anupama is a victim.

While she accuses Anupama of making a mistake, she is suffering because of her. Even if Samar is adamant about not inviting Anuj to their wedding, she says she will not marry until Anuj attends her wedding. Anupama says it is bad that the wedding was cancelled, and asks what she did wrong.

Dimple says it’s not her mistake, everyone favours her and sees her pain, but no one sees Anuj’s pain. Anupama asks her to calm down. Dimple continues to shout that Anuj waited for her for 26 years, but she was ungrateful and concerned about Shahs rather than Anuj. She repeatedly shouts that Anupama cancelled her wedding.

As Samar enters, Dimple comments that mummy’s Senapati has come. Anupama tries to calm Samar down. Dimple says Dimple forgot the favours mummy did for her, anyone would have been in debt for 7 lives. She should not be so low that people would think 100 times before helping others.

Dimple’s adamancy and her so-called Anuj sir resulted in the annulment of their marriage. Samar says his misunderstanding was actually cleared today due to Dimple’s adamancy and her so-called Anuj sir. Dimple shouts even though her misunderstanding was cleared and she saw his love for her.

She should look at her actions before judging his love; although Anuj helped them a lot, it does not mean he is entitled to hurt his mother, and he will always regard him as wrong. Dimple shouts even if she doesn’t care, you go to hell. He hands over a 10 lakh rupee cheque to her and asks her to give it to Anuj; he doesn’t care if she doesn’t want to marry. Their argument continues.

They are given a roti roller by Anupama and asked to break each other’s heads and hers as well. As Dimple was criticizing her and Anuj’s love, she asked what happened to Anupama’s love; Dimple was pointing out that Anupama could not handle two marriages, then why couldn’t she handle her own?

She asks Samar if he thinks Anuj is wrong, then why is he misbehaving with a woman; the way they were fighting; forget her and Anuj, even god won’t take their wedding responsibility. Despite their size, she says they haven’t grown big enough to comment on Anuj and her relationship, that they will take care of their problems on their own and won’t need other people’s assistance, Dimple and Samar should take care of their problems and learn from their mistakes instead.

Dimple shouts why is she explaining to her so much when the wedding is already cancelled because of Anupama? Samar says she does not want to accept her mistake, he is done with her. Dimple shouts even though she is done with him and going away from him forever. Dimple leaves after Samar say please go.

Anupama asks Samar if he is happy after breaking his wedding. Samar apologizes for Dimple’s drama. Samar says he is fine. Anupama says she means if he is happy after breaking his wedding, does he love Dimple? Dimple means a great deal to Samar, and he can’t live without her.

When Anupama comforts him and holds his hand, she takes him out of the house. Paakhi insists that Anuj accept his love for Anupama and speak to her. He lies down silently. When Paakhi finally convinces him he doesn’t love Anupama, she won’t bother him anymore. Anuj looks at Maaya and recalls Little Anu’s words about Anupama letting her go with Maaya because she was alone.

He asks Dimple to stop crying and tells him the whole story happened. He asks her to return to Shah House right now because she doesn’t have to worry until he’s alive. Dimple refuses to go there and says nobody there likes her and even Samar is on their side now. She just has to call him and he will make sure her marriage happens.


He asks Vanraj not to cancel Samar and Dimpy’s wedding due to him and to inform Anupama that Anuj will return soon and set everything right between them as he loves her. Anupama is delighted to hear this.

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