Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhavani’s Emotional Breakdown

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Jayesh says Ishika, I am Ishika Sinha, your dad’s true love. Amrita is shocked. She says you? Bhavani cries. She says Ammo, do you know me? Babita’s brother told me I had recorded their party on our terrace. My initial reaction was to pursue legal action, but Babita believes getting the person responsible fired would suffice. We also unintentionally disrupted her parents’ anniversary, so it balances out. Shekhar thinks she has learned from her mistake and should not be punished further. However, Virat argues that she should take responsibility for her actions. I don’t understand why mom is insistent on this now. Babita reiterated her request for me to call the bank manager and have the person fired. I agree to comply and confirm with a “yes.”

Amrita states that she does not know Ishika, whom she met downstairs. Ishika reminds her that she knows Amrita’s hobbies, likes, and dislikes. Jay had shared everything with her. Bhavani then interrupts and sternly tells Ishika to stop and leave their house for daring to enter it without permission. Jayesh advises Bhavani to speak kindly, to which she responds by pushing his hand away and questioning why she should be polite to someone who caused harm to her home. Ishika points out how Bhavani speaks to her, causing embarrassment at work and in front of the Ahujas. She refuses to tolerate such insults. However, Amrita clarifies that they have no intention of insulting anyone and politely asks Ishika to leave. However, Ishika refuses to go anywhere as this is a family matter and their home is now her place too. Amrita is taken aback by this revelation.

Nimrit inquires Virat about their plans for the party today, to which he responds calmly that nothing significant is happening. “I understand you’re upset,” he adds, “but I organized this party to cheer you up.” Nimrit then mentions the party’s purpose is to save a girl from losing her job, but Virat brushes it off, saying they shouldn’t focus on her and risk causing her dismissal. Shekhar interjects, saying it’s not up to Virat to decide since their mother has entrusted him with this task. However, Virat insists he cannot stoop to her level and suggests calling the manager to report her dancing on their terrace. Shekhar reminds him that he empathizes with the girl’s situation. Nimrit chimes in that this shows his biased opinion towards women based on one negative experience with a certain Pri. Mama then enters and hands over a bill for the girl to pay as compensation for her mistake. Confused, Virat asks what this is about, and Mama explains that Didi has ordered for rent repayment. Virat instructs the girl to handle it without further discussion or hesitation.

Jayesh asks, “Has anyone else ever taken care of this house besides myself? Please tell me.” Amrita retorts, “Well, she is just a maid who takes money from my pocket. All she knows how to do is peel vegetables.” Jayesh defends the maid, insisting, “She may only be a maid, but she’s like family to me.” He adds, “You’ll never understand her impact on my life. When I was at my lowest point, she was there for me. No one understands me better than her.” Amrita mentions Jayesh’s mother, and he solemnly replies, “My mother destroyed me. It was Ishika’s love that helped put me back together.” He affectionately holds Ishika’s hand.

Then Harsh shoves him and says enough. Bhavani stops him. Harsh says you dare to hold her hand in front of us. Amrita asks Ishika to leave there. Bhavani asks Harsh not to shout. Jayesh says, “I’ve had enough. I only want to live with Ishika.” Take whatever you have and move on.

Amrita and harsh hugs, Bhavani. Jayesh says Amrita, you don’t get fooled by her. You think about yourself. You will always suffer if you stay with her. I will get you married to a nice guy. Ishika will handle everything. Amrita asks what chance you give her. He says to become your mother. Amrita says yes, we have a relatively small age gap, but I’d appreciate it if you could give me your mother’s place.

Amrita understands. Now, their mother will have to vacate this house. Jayesh believes his daughter will make the right decision and stand by him. She’s intelligent. He then turns to Harsh and says, “Listen, Harsh, you want to become a doctor, right? If you stay with her, she’ll bring you down too. Come to my side, my son.” Bhavani agrees with her husband and urges Harsh to do the same. “You’re both a team with your dad,” she adds before walking out of the house in tears. Ishika asks Amrita what is going on as Bhavani exits the room. Amrita enters with their bags.

In an attempt to sneak out of the party, Virat and Nimrit stop Bebe. I know all your plans. She said we were going for a small party. She says she knows the day has been ruined. Enjoy yourself. I know you have a good heart, but make people understand you in their language. Go party today and teach that girl a lesson tomorrow, she says. Of course, Virat says.

It’s all your fault, Amrita says to Bhavani Baba. I don’t know why you haven’t changed. Who hasn’t changed in 30 years in today’s world? All your life, you wasted cooking your favorite food. You are such a fool. You failed in relationships as well. Baba remembers all math. When he accomplishes one duty, he shouts about it 100 times so no one forgets it. No one thinks it’s his responsibility to pay off his loan.

Her love for you was unwavering, and despite forgetting to prioritize herself, she never gave us any indication to resent you. As a result, we continue to hold you in high regard, remaining loyal as a team baba. You earned it, didn’t you? However, while she sacrificed her well-being for our family and your success, this is how you repaid her. But the blame does not solely fall on baba; it extends to me, Harsh, and society. We only celebrate those who bring in money and overlook a mother’s efforts and selflessness for her children’s dreams. No one claps for her or acknowledges her sacrifices. Please forgive me, mom. We have always taken you for granted. She is in tears, and Bhavani consoles her while Jayesh reminds her there is no need to apologize – she did what any good mother would do.

Neither father asks their children to choose between their parents. Which father betrays their child’s mother? You made a choice, didn’t you? Jayesh asks where are you going? Amrita says that the place where there is no place for our mother, there is no place for us either. That’s not a home for us. Let’s go. Ishika asks Amrita to give me one chance. I’ll look after you more than this mother.

Amrita says my mom can’t take care of me more than Amrita. We don’t live in a dreamland and have a small age gap but have very different thoughts. We need to remember that. Ishika says, but Amirta.. She says my name is Amrita. You don’t know how to pronounce my name, but will you care for me? My dad might need you, but my mom’s children won’t require you. Let’s go, let’s go, aai. She leaves with Harsh and Bhavani.

After Virat indulges in some drinks, the group laughs over the bill Babita wrote for Amrita. Shekhar expresses gratitude that his mother didn’t insist on hugging Virat as compensation. In response, Virat admits he is unwilling to fight for the 40k and will pay on her behalf instead. He suggests Babita say she paid it herself. Meanwhile, Nimrit complains that her party was ruined as well. To ease the tension, Virat tells her to relax. Eventually, Amrita departs with Bhavani and Harsh while Virat and Nimrit also prepare to leave. As they all look at Bhavani’s former house, she reflects on how it used to be her home. Harsh chimes in, asking why Bhavani never confided in them about this girl before celebrating their anniversary with a cheater.

It’s time to go, Amrita says. Virat sees them leaving with bags. He says, Wow, they ruined our family’s mood, and now they’re going on holiday? Sorry. But that can’t happen. Harsh asks Amrita to get a taxi and says she will book a hotel. Bhavani says a hotel would be too expensive. She says we should sit down there and think. Bhavani and Harsh, go get a taxi. Virat watches Amrita with her luggage as she sits there.

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