Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye

Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 30th November 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the anniversary celebrations commenced, Bhavani and Jayesh arrived to join the festivities. Amrita gave them a gift, prompting Bhavani to question her spending habits. Another guest chimed in, reminding Bhavani that this was a day for celebration, not penny-pinching. Amrita agreed, explaining that the two watches were for the most special people in attendance. She thanked her strict mother for imparting valuable life lessons and hugged her. Turning to her father, she declared him her hero, whose love remained unwavering throughout time. She thanked him for his unconditional love and warmly hugged her parents. Without hesitation, she also thanked Jahan’s aunt for securing permission to use the terrace for their party, as it had been a lifesaver. Gleefully, she announced they would never reencounter those annoying Ahujas, expressing her strong aversion towards them.

As the Ahujas go downstairs, Babita remarks on the stark contrast between their luxurious building and the low-class one nearby. This is a common issue in Mumbai, unlike Delhi, where everyone has their bungalow. As they hear music from the cheap building, Amrita excitedly begins dancing with her family. She suggests they celebrate their hero and heroine, and they all clap in agreement. Amrita reflects on how this couple has spent 30 years together, enduring life’s ups and downs, yet their love never wavered. They truly know how to live a life filled with love. After all, a happy family is built on the foundation of mutual love and care between a couple. The Ahujas’ unconditional support has always been there for them, even if they struggle to express it verbally. Overcome with emotion, Bhavani joins in the dancing with tears in her eyes.

Those people are loud and so rude, Babita says. I will call the police on them and get a wall erected between us and their building. Amrita dances with her mom. Everyone is happy. Bhavani asks Harsh to take a guest kid to the washroom. Ishika welcomes Ahujas to their new home. Babita says a good job. Nimrit says it’s all so beautiful. Virrat says all credit goes to Ishika. Virat sees Harsh with a kid in their penthouse. They’re shocked.

Jahan says Ammo loves you a lot. She says, but she loves her dad more. Jahan says Gautam likes South Ammo. Jayesh says to Amrita your mother is obsessed with getting you married. Gautam is a nice guy. If you don’t mind, don’t say no this time. He gets a call. Virat asks Ishika who is this kid? She says she has no idea. They run away, Babita says.

Sheshika says there is an event in the next building. They go to the terrace and see Amrita’s family’s function happening. Amrita dances with her family. Babita sees them angry. Virat is shocked. Virat asks what’s going on there? Babita says how dare they? Dildar says let them enjoy. Virat goes to them and tries to stop. Amrita asks how they came to our terrace and did all this here. They can infect us.

Amrita falls on Virat, and they both fall into the fountain. Jayesh sees Ishika and shoves Bhavani’s hand. Virat says you. Babita says how dare you come to my parents’ anniversary?? You came here for revenge? How cheap are you? He says shut up. Bhavani picks Amrita. Babita says get out. Amrita says this isn’t your yacht. You can’t rule here. You can’t insult us. This is my family. Babita says how dare you come. She says I should ask you. It is a private function.

Virat asks, “Are you celebrating on my private terrace? This is our house.” Amrita is shocked. A kid pops a cork, which hits Babita on the head. Babita exclaims, “Get these cheap people out of here!” Amrita asks Jahan, “Who allowed you to have a party here?” Jahan replies, “I decided myself.” Harsh interjects, “It’s their house; we can’t do this.” Amrita apologizes, “Mrs. Ahuja, I am sorry.” Babita retorts, “Shut up. What is your worth? You people are so cheap. You always cause suffering. I will make sure you suffer. I will be your curse now.”


Ishika tells everyone that you need to fire that girl from her position. Babita says you are right. In an angry moment, Amrita’s father says, “I’m fed up with this woman now. I want to divorce her.” Ishika walks in, and she introduces herself to Amrita as her father’s love. My mother now has an empty room in her house, Amrita tells her mother.

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