Kavya 10th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Anurag’s Shocking Confession and Tragic Fall


Kavya 10th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

As the episode begins, Adi says he will kill Anurag if he is involved. Kavya says both Anurag and Alka are not home. Badi Amma thinks I’ll ask her. We will find the truth. He tells her not to tell anyone, it’s about the family, I can’t blame anyone without proof. Anurag asks Alka to wear the dupatta. She asks where my baby is, and he is crying. Anurag says yes, wear this dupatta. Adi lies to Malini. Malini goes. Badi Amma watches.

When Kavya sees her, she says the video assistant got the video. We don’t have time to wait. Come fast; we must go get it, he replies to her. She tells him to run to that videographer. Kavya finds the video again. Anurag warns him not to do anything else. He gets the video. Adi and Kavya go there. Sanjeev is disguised.

It is Anurag who requests the pen drive. Sanjeev gives it to him. Anurag threatens him. Kavya records him. She tells Adi not to go anywhere because Anurag will get them to Alka. Malini receives the bouquet from Anjali. Giriraj says congrats as well. Badi Amma says Kavya killed Omi. Malini says Adi and Kavya have left. Rajeev said Kavya had a lot of faith in Adi. Giriraj says no, it’s not right to call anyone a criminal until the crime is proven.

After freeing herself, Alka runs to see the baby. As Anurag searches for Alka, he gets baby Omi and scolds her. When Adi and Kavya arrive, Adi shouts and runs to the baby from him. He asks how dare you touch Alka and why do you care about Omi’s death? He points a gun at Anurag and asks if he has killed Omi. Anurag says yes, he has killed Omi. Adi is shocked. Anurag laughs.

Adi thinks of Omi and starts crying. “This can’t be happening,” he says. Anurag confesses, “I killed him.” Adi, furious, responds, “I’ll kill you! Why did you do this? He was your brother!” Anurag reveals his motive, “He was better than me in politics. I’ll kill you too.” Kavya intervenes, “That’s why you and Badi Amma conspired to frame Adi.” Anurag denies her involvement, “No, she isn’t part of this.” Kavya insists, “Adi, it’s true. Badi Amma is against you. Anurag is lying. Go and ask him.” Anurag punches Adi and grabs the gun, declaring, “This ends now; Adi will die.

Sanjeev stops Anurag and fights with him. Anurag takes the baby from Alka and threatens them. Adi and Kavya come. Anurag runs with the baby. He scolds Kavya.

The baby falls down the cliff. Alka and everyone are shocked. Anurag runs away. Sanjeev follows him. Adi says don’t blame Kavya. Kavya says it’s my fault. Leave the baby alone.


Kavya comes home and scolds Badi Amma. She cries. Sanjeev tells everyone that Adi was pushed down the cliff by Anurag.

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