Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 25th October 2023

Kavya 25th October 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

In the episode, Adhiraj asks Kavya why she ignores him. Jaideep approaches them. He says it’s your turn. We’ll look at the initial assessment of the projects and then come to a final conclusion. He looks at Payal’s project. You have given a good result, congrats. The best project was Anusha’s. Everyone claps. Jaideep asks Kavya and Adhiraj about their project. Kavya hands over the file. Everyone claps.

Jaideep inquires about the lack of progress in your project and urges Kavya to share her thoughts. Kavya, who was initially enthusiastic about the project, is asked by Jaideep to voice her concerns. He offers to assign a different partner if she is struggling with Adhiraj. However, Kavya firmly expresses her desire to work on the project alone and requests for Adhiraj to be reassigned. Jaideep reminds her that working with others is an essential aspect of a project and cannot cater to individual preferences. Kavya disagrees, stating a mismatch in thinking, but Jaideep stands by his decision and bids farewell, wishing her luck.

Adhiraj asks Kavya what happened. She leaves in an auto. He stops the driver and asks Kavya what happened. She leaves. He runs after her. He stops her and asks her what happened to her, tell me, and she says leave my hand. He asks you why you’re upset with me. She says you’re not sincere. He says he’s following your orders. She says my hard work got spoiled. He says I’ve done whatever you asked of me.

She inquires if she had asked me to instruct your brother to sabotage our work, stating that I must be lying. He responds that he did speak with her but had no control over the vendors’ actions. She exclaims with sarcasm that she would like to know if I believe her to be foolish, questioning why your brother was staying at a guesthouse and suggesting that you inquire about his motives. He retorts that Omi is innocent and accuses her of causing trouble. She explains that she cannot rest until she restores the reputation of the hospital and Navya Bansal, her late sister who was made a mockery of by all of them. Adhiraj is taken aback by this revelation.

He says I didn’t know, otherwise I would not have joked that way, and I apologize for my actions. We have known each other for a few days, she says, you are worried about me, I want to clear Navya’s name. She leaves. A man hears everything. She cries and vents her anger.

Ahiraj tries to stop her. She says I have to tell the villagers Navya is innocent, she was framed in the scam. He says don’t do this. She says I have to tell them the truth, once I do, they will help me. He says they are aggressive, don’t do this. As she leaves, she locks the door and locks it. He shouts at her, hits the door, and breaks it. He chases after her.

Kavya introduces herself as Kavya Bansal upon meeting the villagers. She expresses her need for assistance in reopening the hospital, but is met with refusal. Despite their rejection, she emphasizes that reviving the hospital will benefit the entire community and pleads for their support. However, they remain adamant and tell her to leave. Kavya reminds them of the tragic loss of a doctor who took her own life due to false accusations from the villagers. She questions if the doctor’s family does not deserve an opportunity to clear her name. Inquiring if she is related to the late doctor, Kavya reveals that Navya was her older sister which further angers the villagers. Despite facing such personal tragedy, Kavya urges them to put aside past conflicts and come together for a greater cause – establishing a hospital that is urgently needed in the village. Sadly, her words only seem to fuel their anger towards her.

Adhiraj quickly rushes to Kavya’s side, intercepting the approaching men. With a clever deception, he assures them that he will handle Kavya first and urges her to flee with him. The pursuit ensues as Omi brags about sending his goons to the Sarpanch’s office to unleash their fury on Kavya. However, Giriraj reprimands Omi for taking such reckless actions and warns him to follow his instructions without using his own judgment. Omi is filled with concern and frustration as he ends the call. Meanwhile, Adhiraj and Kavya make a dash for safety, battling against the angry villagers who are determined to harm them. “Dil se re….plays” in the background as Adhiraj expertly protects Kavya from harm in the midst of their fight.


The lady calls her husband and tells him that Kavya has come to this village, she is Navya’s sister.

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