Maati Se Bandhi Dor 25th June 2024 Written Update: Vaiju’s Sacrifices and Unexpected Challenges

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 25th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

During the episode, the man asks Vaiju if he wants to sell this land. Vaiju says, “I did not think I would see this day; I need money urgently to pay the hospital bill and to get Jaya’s treatment done. I have no money.” He says, “It’s fate.” She signs the papers. He claims she will receive money in her account. He leaves.

Kailash says you didn’t ask us before selling the house. Vaiju cries and swears that he will regain this ancestral land and esteem. She brings some soil to the hospital. Kaveri says she sold it to manage the expenses so that you won’t help us. Kailash says you taunt me, and I’ve been caring for your Nani for years. Aaji scolds him. She asks what will happen to these girls. Vaiju says I’m coming with you and Aaji. He asks what.

He says don’t expect me to raise you all. Vaiju says I will come to lighten your burden, I will work and earn money, I won’t take money from you. Saleem asks if you want to go. She says yes, she never expected she would have to leave, she feels as though she is leaving her life behind, and I must pay a price in order to have a bright future. Kaveri hugs her tightly.

As Jaikant awakens from sleep, Supriya asks him what happened, what did he do? He says nothing. She says I will get him haldi milk. He worries. Vaiju visits Jaya. She says you are not treating me right, we are all worried, get up, we will make our house again. She cries. She ties the thread and says my blessings will always be with me. She leaves. She says I got you a thread from the temple. Get well soon. She says get up.

As Ranvijay and Vaiju collide, he quickly catches the soiled cloth and keeps her from falling. She expresses her gratitude for him saving it. He then mentions how Kaveri had informed him about Vaiju’s decision to sell her land to cover the hospital expenses. However, he reassures her she doesn’t need to do that because he and Aai will handle everything. He knows how much she loves that land and understands why she made the sacrifice. Vaiju confirms that she did indeed lose her daughter Durga, but she did not lose or sell her self-respect. She appreciates Ranvijay’s concern for them and asks for one more favor – to take care of Jaya while she goes to Aaji’s village for a job. Ranvijay promises to do his best to help Jaya recover and bids Vaiju farewell as she leaves.

As she reminisces about her family, she embraces Kaveri, who, along with Saleem, reminds her to be careful. Vaiju departs with Aaji and Kailash, with the latter cautioning her not to speak of their destination. Suddenly, a man runs into their auto, and angry villagers start attacking him. Vaiju intervenes and tries to stop the violence. The villagers demand that Kailash explain to the girl not to speak of what happened. The man pleads his innocence, but Kailash tells Vaiju he will explain everything. The village leader explains that the man fell in love with a local girl, unaware of their custom of killing those who do so. This revelation takes aback Vaiju, and Aaji and Kailash urge her to remain quiet.

Kailash says Mukhiya will get them married to avoid the guy getting killed. He asks Vaiju to come. He says he shouldn’t get involved in anyone’s affairs.


Ranvijay is beaten up. Vaiju saves him. At gunpoint, Ranvijay and Vaiju get married.

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