Main Hoon Saath Tere 6th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Janvi’s Secret and Aryaman’s Mission

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 6th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

The child’s mother, Anushka, leaves the child with Janvi along with a note saying she doesn’t want him and asks Janvi to place him in an orphanage. Janvi asks Dadi never to mention Kian isn’t her son. She explains how she fought for Kian, even when he was in Anushka’s stomach.

Janvi places the child in a cradle at the orphanage. Kian holds Janvi’s dupatta, and she sees it as a sign to raise him. Pushkar throws Janvi out, thinking she gave birth to the child. Kian means so much to Janvi that she asks Dadi not to tell anyone he isn’t her son. Dadi agrees.

Kian wakes up the following day and asks Janvi why she didn’t wake him up to help. As Janvi reminds Kian that he walked 5 km yesterday, she tells Kian the excellent news that he has been admitted to Bundela International School. Afterwards, Kian thanked Janvi and gave her Aarthi as a gesture of appreciation. With Janvi in her hotel, he prays and leaves.

As Aryaman prays and heads to the hotel, he decides to enter as a trainee to discover who Bundela’s enemy is and who his friend is. The driver praises his style. Aryaman gets on the bus. Janvi makes Kian sit and play with his mobile until the bus stops. Aryaman swaps clothes with his driver to look normal. Janvi tells the driver to act like he doesn’t know him in the hotel.

Seeing Aryaman sitting in the ladies’ seat, Janvi teaches him something. Aryaman asks Janvi if she can’t see he’s a man. Janvi tells him if he sits there, no one will think he’s a man. She asks him to get up. Aryaman decides to teach Janvi a lesson for teasing him. According to him, women always claim equality but still demand special treatment.

As the bus hits a speed bump, Janvi falls into Aryaman’s lap, causing flowers to fall on them. Aryaman asks Janvi to get up and comments on her. After getting off the bus with Kian, Janvi warns Aryaman not to run into her again, or she will teach him a lesson. Kian does not notice Aryaman. Aryaman realizes this is the hotel’s bus stop and gets off. Both Aryaman and Janvi hope they do not cross paths again.

When Raina calls the hotel, the manager replies, “I don’t know about Aryaman because I’ve never seen him.”. She says okay, I’ll send you a picture of Aryaman, and her servant will take it to the hotel. Janvi informs the manager that someone is coming to see you. She stops Aryaman and asks him where he is taking her child. The manager becomes excited when he sees Aryaman and shouts, “Our boss is here!”

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