Main Hoon Saath Tere 7th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman’s Plan Unfolds

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 7th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

Aryaman informs Sadhu that he’ll dance with Janvi until Sadhu comes back. When Janvi attempts to leave, Aryaman stops and begins dancing with her. As they dance, Aryaman explains to Janvi that he is just trying to zip up her dress, which he does. Janvi thanks Aryaman for his help. Brij Bhushan sees them dancing together, misinterprets the situation, and leaves. Raina thinks this misunderstanding will spell trouble for Aryaman.

As Janvi leaves, Aryaman follows her. Aryaman tells Janvi that it’s excellent that Sadhu is adopting Kian and recommends that she adopt Sadhu’s son as well. Janvi agrees, and Aryaman leaves. In response to Janvi’s request, Sadhu gives her an adoption form and asks her to complete it. Sadhu tries to make excuses, claiming his wife won’t allow her to adopt his son, but Janvi insists that he speak with his wife. Aryaman plans to trap Sadhu in his lies when Sadhu reluctantly agrees to bring his son to meet her despite secretly worrying because he does not have a son.

Janvi fills out the adoption form with tears in her eyes. Dadi notices her spelling incorrectly and explains that Kian will be called Kian Sadanand Sadhu after the marriage, not Kian Joshi. Dadi offers to bring a whitener, but Janvi wipes away Joshi’s name with her tears. Janvi explains to Dadi that she had to bow to the world and give Kian another person’s name for his future. Dadi comforts him.

Brij Bhushan reprimands Aryaman for abandoning Alia on the roadside and attending Janvi’s engagement. Raina confronts Aryaman, accusing him of damaging their respect. Brij Bhushan sardonically remarks that it’s unsurprising for one criminal to associate with another. Aryaman defends Janvi by asserting her innocence. Brij Bhushan attempts to slap Aryaman, but Prem Chand steps in and halts him. Brij Bhushan commands Aryaman to go back to Australia, but Prem Chand countermands, insisting that Aryaman must apologize to Alia instead. Without further argument, Brij Bhushan exits the scene.

During Prem Chand’s question, Aryaman explains he had no choice because Sadhu was involved in escort racketing at the hotel and was responsible for the attack on Brij Bhushan. Aryaman went to gather evidence to stop Janvi’s engagement with Sadhu and promised to expose him shortly.

A lawyer confirms that Kian’s surname must be changed for adoption. Janvi consults with a lawyer to inquire about the requirement. Sadhu worries about what he might say while drunk. Muralidhar visits Sadhu under the pretense of celebrating Sadhu’s engagement, but his true intention is to get Sadhu intoxicated and record his confession.

Muralidhar’s message inspires Aryaman to use Sadhu’s recorded confession to stop Kian’s adoption.


Sadhu acts emotionally and says I made a big mistake. Janvi asks what’s wrong. He says I lied to you. Aryaman, standing nearby, asks what you’re lying about. Sadhu says I don’t have any certificates.

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