Mangal Lakshmi 6th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Lakshmi’s Unexpected Encounter

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 6th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

Adit says to Mangal why are you here and not ready? Will you go out like this? She asks if I will. Adit says, “Wouldn’t you be going if everyone is going?” Aren’t you the family? Get ready fast, Mangal says. Nitin says I will get prepared. Let’s enjoy. He says you make a good couple. He picks up a knife. Lakshmi tries to leave. She thinks I should tell Lakshmi I’m going out with Adit.

In response, Lakshmi throws the cake at Nitin. Mangal calls Shanti and says Lakshmi won’t pick up the phone. Shanti tells him she got a big order. She’s at the shop. Lakshmi tries to run. Nitin tries to stop her. She kicks him and runs. She runs on the road. Karthik is on his way. When Lakshmi reaches his car, she hugs him. Karthik asks if she is okay. She apologizes. Karthik asks if everything is alright. She says she is sorry.

Kids enjoy the food with Adit. Akshar gives Mangal the bangles he got for her. He says Papa got a chain for Dadi, so I got this for Mom. She does so much for everyone. My papa didn’t get her anything, so I got her bangles. Your mom works for everyone. Mangal says she loves everyone. We got a new house, so what else do I want? Adit says let’s get going.

As Lakshmi cries, Karthik asks what happened. She says that man… Karthik asks who? She says some goons were trying to get me. She asks where you are going. He says I just wanted to walk around. I was stressed. She asks what happened. He asks what is love? Lakshmi says I don’t know. Lakshmi says I don’t know. Lakshmi says I’ll only choose who Mangal chooses for me. Karthik wonders why she is so scared. He says he can drop you off at home, but Lakshmi says it’s okay.

Gayatri asks Karthik where he went. He says I. She says you’re lying to me now, right? I think you went to meet Jiya. Is she more important than your mom? You don’t need me anymore, right? I was waiting for you. What is your relationship with Jiya? I love Jia’s mom, Karthik says. She regrets what happened and tries to commit suicide today. I had to go and save her.

Adit comes home. He texts Somiya, saying he took everyone out as per the plan to distract them. Mangal says to Adit Lakshmi isn’t kicking the call. Can we go and check? He says she is careless. I do not have time. Lakshmi calls Mangal. Lakshmi apologizes that she dropped her phone. Mangal tells her she went out with Adit. Where were you at the time?

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