Mehndi Wala Ghar 12th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Manas Caught Stealing

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 12th April 2024 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Jyoti obtaining the necklace. Janki admires the polishing and compliments Akshay before leaving. He then inquires from Jyoti how she was aware of the necklace and how she managed to obtain it. She recalls his previous message and explains, “I overheard your conversation on the phone. I apologize; I couldn’t bear to see your dignity tarnished, so I pawned my jewelry to purchase this necklace.” Shocked, Akshay responds, “But that was your bridal jewelry!” To which Jyoti replies, “It wasn’t more important than your honor.” He questions her, “Why would you buy the necklace just to humiliate me? I could have told Janki the truth myself.” Tears streaming down her face, she responds.

When she cuts her finger while chopping vegetables, Mauli worries. Jyoti cries. She hugs Mauli. She says Akshay needs money. Manoj hears this and worries. Akshay sits crying. He says Jyoti had to mortgage the jewelry because of me. He comes to him and says you used to eat peanuts, you used to cry, I used to get these peanuts for you, I know you are worried, please tell me why you’re upset.

Aash refuses. Manoj says he is always there for you; give me a chance if you want. Vijay receives 30 lakhs cash for the land’s down payment. He asks Tanvi to keep the money safe. Tanvi locks the chest while Manas calls Aashna. During the Aarti, everyone stands together. Manas steals the cash. Akshay and Jyoti have a chat. Akshay goes to his room at night and sees Jyoti. Jyoti tells Akshay about Suman.

Jyoti smiles, and Mauli inquires about the cause. She embraces her and shares her joy. Mauli expresses her happiness, and Jyoti expresses gratitude. She then wishes for Mauli’s love to be fulfilled, but Mauli clarifies that she and Rahul are merely friends. Jyoti mentions seeing their passion, as Mauli had mentioned Rahul’s name earlier. Meanwhile, Manas prepares to leave, and Ajanta promises to handle things on the phone before heading to Mumbai. He meets Aashna outside, and they embrace.

A light appears on their faces. They see an inspector. He says, “Show me the bag. Narayan Agarwal filed an FIR against you.” The inspector says Manas is mad, old, and has phobias. Manoj gets angry when he hears this. Aashna says to give him some money and leave. He slaps Manas and gets angry because Janki dictates terms to everyone. He sees Mauli, Rahul, and Golu.

Rahul remembers when Manas and Aashna planned to run away together. Mauli reminds Rahul that she warned him he didn’t have the courage. The inspector confirms that the task was completed. Rahul assures him that he will receive the money promised. Manas acknowledges his involvement in the plan. Mauli accuses Manas of deceiving everyone, adding that she had always suspected his dishonesty, but not to this extent. She recounts catching Manas red-handed while stealing cash. Manoj reprimands Manas for his actions, further tarnishing their family’s reputation. Ajanta arrives and demands an explanation from Manas about what’s happening. Tearfully, Manas claims that he is being framed yet again and that they have even roped in their father this time around.

Manoj instructs Ajanta to reveal her actions. He informs Ajanta that Manas has taken 30 lakhs from Vijay and is attempting to flee. She questions why Manas would steal after being told to leave with Aashna quietly. Manoj demands an explanation from Ajanta, who is in tears. He expresses his disapproval and insists that her behavior is unacceptable. When Janki, Hari, and others arrive, they are met with chaos. Janki interrogates the situation, and Ajanta accuses Mauli of mocking Manas and constantly belittling him. In a fit of anger, Manoj strikes Ajanta across the face, surprising everyone present. He silences and scolds her for supporting Manas’ wrongdoing, blaming Mauli for it. Janki reprimands Ajanta for her actions as well.

According to her, Mauli did not inform us, and you disclosed it yourself. Manas admits his mistake and apologizes for causing it. Manoj interrupts, disheartened by their actions, and asks Manas to cut ties with him and leave without ever returning. He returns the money to Rahul and instructs Manas to go. However, Manas pleads that he has no place to go without any money. Ajanta insists that they should let their son stay with them, but Manoj firmly demands that both of them must leave his life and their home permanently if they have an issue staying apart.


Janki ousts Ajanta while Manoj and Ajanta argue.

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