Mehndi Wala Ghar 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Mauli Faces Pressure to Marry Manas

Mehndi Wala Ghar

Mehndi Wala Ghar 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update on

The episode begins with Ajanta slapping Rahul and scolding him. Tanvi scolds Ajanta. Janki asks them to be quiet. She asks Mauli is it true what Rahul is saying, did Manas molest you, no, you can’t be quiet, say it, it’s a big blame on Manas’ character, upbringing and family, and if this is true, tell us about it. Janki asks Mauli to tell us the truth without fear. She cries and nods as everyone is shocked.

My mom, Manas, says I did nothing. He says you refuse to give me a chance, don’t lie about me, don’t take revenge on me, my life will be spoiled. I did nothing. I saw Mauli going to the room and went to her. I apologized and wanted to start a new life with her. I shut the door to talk to her. I pleaded with her for forgiveness. She blamed me. Why, what did I do wrong?

He asks if he touched him, tell me, tell me something. Janki asks Mauli to say. Mauli says no. Manas says I came to talk. Mauli says you weren’t just talking. Manas says I was begging you. Mauli says you were coming close to me. He asks how. She says I felt uncomfortable and wouldn’t say I liked it. Mauli gets slapped by Ajanta. She says you can’t blame him for anything when Manas didn’t even touch me.

Manas says I love Mauli, I don’t want to prove her wrong, I just wanted to apologize to her, I am not her husband. Manas says sorry, Dad, and hugs Manoj. He cries. Manoj says calm down. Manas smiles. Rahul says he didn’t touch Mauli, but made her feel uncomfortable, she’s scared, look at her. Janki apologizes to Manas.

I couldn’t get forgiveness from Mauli, he says. Mauli says no to Janki’s question. Did he ever misbehave or scare you growing up? Mauli says no. Janki asks if he ever touched you against your will. Mauli says no. Rahul says Dadi, please… Janki stops him. She says Manoj, you said Mauli has to forgive Manas, but this drama isn’t proper, so I have decided for the family’s good, so now Manas and Mauli will get married. They are shocked.

It’s wrong for me to marry Manas, Mauli says. Janki asks why. Mauli says that I wouldn’t say I like it when Manas comes close to me. Once you marry him, Janki says that everything will be fine. Mauli says this relationship would be a punishment for me. Janki says we aren’t your enemies to wish you harm. Mauli says it’s my life, so I should agree. Janki asks what the reason for your refusal is.

Mauli says Manas cheated me. Janki says he is apologizing. Mauli says sorry, I’ve tried a lot. I gave him a chance, but I can never forgive him. Janki asks how he thinks I can forgive Manoj.

It’s not my intention to force Mauli into marriage, she says. She says I’m not Mauli’s enemy; I’m doing this for her betterment. Pandit ji will arrive after two days, and I’ll get her the marriage mahurat. Mauli worries. If you don’t forgive Manas, we won’t forgive Manoj; he won’t be able to stay here with us and will not get any property share. Janki says either say yes to marriage or…. Take Manoj with you and leave.

During the night, Manas meets Aashna. He says that anyone is welcome here. She replies, “I wanted to meet you.” Manoj looks for him. He calls him and finds his phone on the table. He sees Manas outside. Aashna hears what Manas says. If Mauli says yes, then… He says there is no chance. She says if she agrees for Manoj’s sake. He says no, blame has been placed on Mauli, Dadi is shocked, Dad will be shocked, marriage won’t happen, Mauli’s game will be over in 2 days. Manoj goes there to see the results.

Upon receiving a phone call, Manas looks up and sees Manoj. He tells Aashna to leave. Manoj comes to Manas. He sits crying and acts. He is consoled by Manoj. Mauli blamed me, and I felt ashamed to go inside. Everyone is family, so come with me, Manoj says. “Will you save me or yourself?” Manas asks, “I screwed up with Mauli, she’s taking revenge, but today, she ruined your name, Tanvi and Vijay questioned your upbringing,

Mauli broke your dream of seeing us together, she broke it, Dadi counted your mistake. She doesn’t want to live with me. Ajanta scolds Mauli. She asks why did you do this. Manas stops Ajanta. He acts well. She recalls Manas’ words. She thinks why was Manas doing this, I must find out.


Jyoti asks Mauli how we will find Manas’ agenda. Mauli gets an idea. She traps Manas.

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