Shiv Shakti (Zee) 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Shakti’s Marriage Talks and Mandira’s Plan

Shiv Shakti

Shiv Shakti 15th November 2023 Written Episode Update on

Dadi asks Shakti, “Did you take an ubtan shower?” Padma says it means she will be married soon. Shakti says she would like to study and become a doctor first. Nandu asks what if a guy supports you even after marriage? Dadi tells Shakti to stop tease and she gives her ubtan.

Keertan tells Mandira that she has made him a mess and Rimjhim thinks he loves her. Koyal says this is not a small problem. Keertan says Rimjhim messaged me that she wants to bring her proposal to her family. Mandira says wow… this is great. She says you helped me without knowing. You don’t know what you’ve done. As she leaves, Keertan tells Koyal he is scared. It’s time to talk to Shiv. The proposal can be taken tomorrow. I can talk to him first. Gayatri says he can’t say no to her. Mandira leaves.

She comes home covered in haldi. Manorama laughs and says you’ll be getting married soon. She says everyone said that, so I just applied it to Shiv and it fell on me. Manorama says you’re moving fast, but Shakti says it isn’t like that. She tells Manorama the story behind this festival. Manorama sits with her and says we pray for lifelong lovers when we marry. Shakti thinks about Shiv.

During the festival, Manorama says we pray for our family’s safety. She says we pray to keep enemies away from us. Shakti prays to expose Mandira soon. Manorama says we pray for our wishes to be fulfilled. She tells Shakti to think about Shiv’s family, since she will soon be part of it. Manorama tells Shakti that Rimjhim is angry, so go and speak to her.

Mandira approaches Shiv and reveals, “Keertan filled me in on everything.” Amused, Shiv responds with a simple “oh?” Mandira gushes, “I really like that girl. She’s intelligent and would be a perfect match for us.” Excitedly, she shares, “We’re going to visit her family tomorrow to propose.” Shiv agrees to speak to Dadi about it and rushes over to the rest of the family. Before he can say anything, Mandira interjects, “I already told them.” Dadi acknowledges that love cannot be concealed for long and approves of the proposal happening the next day. Beaming with joy, Shiv exclaims, “I am extremely happy!” He then embraces Keertan tightly until Mandira reminds him that it’s time to start celebrating. The entire family joins in the festivities together.

Rimjhim asks Shakti why she is sitting alone. It is clear to me that your life is spoiled, why don’t you take my side? You know I love Keertan, but you aren’t helping me? You support me, and I feel like I can win anything. If you don’t, I don’t think I’ll win my love.

Despite Manorama’s pleadings, Rimjhim insists Keertan loves her, so why aren’t you helping us? Shakti insists Keertan doesn’t love her. Rimjhim is shocked. This is all his plot to avenge us. I know you’re hurt, but the truth is what it is.

Shiv tells the family he is excited now. He hugs Keertan and says I am very happy, congratulations, he leaves. Dadi asks why did he congratulate him? Mandira says he was congratulating us all. Dadi says I knew Shiv would accept it. Ragunath says I haven’t seen Shiv so happy. Padma says this feels strange, how could he be so happy? Shiv can’t control his emotions, so Mandira says please don’t spoil Shiv’s happiness. She thinks this Diwali will bring happiness only to my life.

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