Suhaagan 7th July 2023 Written Update

Suhaagan 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Baldev telling his family that if they have objection to his decision then they all can leave. Dadi tells Payal that Bindiya has almost agreed to marry him. Payal is shocked. Indu says you are asking me to leave. Baldev says I am asking you to support me. Krish says you have told me the solution, I will leave the house and not marry that illiterate girl.

No Krishna, Indu replies. Baldev says leaving home means leaving Shukla’s family wealth. Krish says he doesn’t want anything. Baldev stops him. Krish thinks he came on line. Baldev asks him to hand over his wallet before leaving and says it is loaded with my money. She asks him not to keep Babu from her.

Indu asks Baldev to stop him and asks why you are keeping him away from us. He gives his car keys as well. Vikram goes and gets him there. Baldev says he is no longer a child and says he will come with his wish if he wants to. Nobody will call him back, he says.

She asks if that girl is more dear to you than your son. Baldev says nobody worries about our son more than me, and I want a life partner who can help him succeed. He says you can change my name if he doesn’t return by tomorrow. Sakshi and Vikram are looking at each other smirking. Sakshi reassures Indu that she feels ill and asks Vikram to cancel the party.

When Bindiya imagines Krish at home, she adds salt to the food. He tastes and signs no. She adds more salt. Bindiya imagines Krish holding her hand and adding more salt to the dish. Phoolmati scolds her for adding more salt to the food. She promises to make it again.

Bindiya is asked whether she has decided to marry when Payal comes to her. Bindiya replies that she has not agreed and says this for Dadi. Payal asks if she will marry for Dadi. Dadi also asks them to talk to her. Payal thinks she shouldn’t tell her about Krish. Bindiya says yes to Payal’s question.

Krish tells his friend he left home and family. His friend asks if you left the car as well. Krish tells his friend he doesn’t want Ballu to think that he is greedy. He says he’ll call Payal and is very happy. His friend says you left everything, but not the phone. Krish is about to call Payal. Bindiya tells Payal not to worry and that Ambe Maa will make her meet the man’s family. She prays to Ambe Maa.

It is Krish who calls Payal and says he is coming to Kanpur to meet her. Payal tells him to meet her along the highway and asks him not to return home. Indu shows Bindiya’s photo to Sakshi and instigates her against Baldev. Krish takes money and bike keys from his friend and leaves. Vikram speaks to Baldev and informs him that Krish has gone to Kanpur.

According to Sakshi, Krish went there. Vikram acts as if he is supporting Baldev. Baldev asks who sent you as an informer here and asks him to take care of his mother. He calls someone and asks for an update on Krish. Vikram tells Sakshi that she has filled Mummy ji’s ears. In a minute, Papa insulted me, Vikram said.

After the fire is lit in the house, Sakshi says, “We’ll rule!” Bindiya calls Payal. She asks if she is going somewhere. She says she’s in tempo and tells her she’s going to Tulsipur to scan some college papers. Bindiya says no and asks why she didn’t tell. Payal says Chiraiya does not have a computer or laptop. Bindiya agrees. She thinks she won’t share her thing with her.


Payal is shocked when Krish informs her that he has left everything to be with her.


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