Teri Meri Doriyaan 14th February 2023 Written Update


Sahiba and Keerat enter Santosh’s room hiding. As Angad approaches the door, Ajith diverts his attention and takes them away. Sahiba asks Dr Sandhu how Santosh is doing. Sandhu asks who are they. Sahiba shows her face and asks what happened to Santosh. Sandhu says he doesn’t know because her blood pressure and sugar are normal. Sahiba suggests we move Santosh to a hospital.

Santosh opens her eyes and asks if everyone went out. Sahiba asks if she’s okay. Santosh says she’s not. Keerat says she’s perfect. According to Santosh, she’s not from within and is acting to convince Brars to postpone marriage. She asks Sandhu to lie and reminds him that even he has a daughter. Sandhu refuses.

Brars eagerly wait outside and wonder what happened to Santosh. Santosh asks Sahiba to convince Sandhu to lie. Sahiba refuses. Santosh threatens to die in tension if Sandhu doesn’t agree to lie and tries to convince Sandhu. Sandhu refuses to do injustice to his profession. He emotionally blackmails Sahiba.

Jasleen keeps her ears at the door and listens to their conversation. Sahiba recalls Santosh attempting suicide and pleads Sandhu agree. Jasleen hears a girl’s voice decorate the prayer room. She wonders why she is calling Santosh mummy, something is seriously amiss.

Manveer asks Ajith if Sandhu is his family doctor. He says yes. Manveer asks if Sandhu was called here. He says no. Sandhu walks out and says Santosh’s condition is better now.

Seerat is praised by Anand for calling her family doctor on time and keeping an open mind. Seerat realizes that Sahiba had called Sandhu. Sandhu informs Ajith that Santosh is a bit better now, but that she may suffer a heart attack if she takes tension. Hypertension can be treated, says Angad.

She continues her drama and shows fake concern for Seerat’s marriage. Manveer says they can get her treated in the USA, but Santosh says there is no treatment for her illness.

Jasleen says Santosh told her that she got her treatment even in USA, doctors are also human beings and have limitations, and she wonders why Manveer wants to ruin her plans. Gurleen recommends getting Angad and Sahiba married as soon as possible. Jasleen supports her. Santosh feels pleased.

Sahiba picks up Seerat’s phone and Angad expresses his love for her. Sahiba nervously replies, “I love you.”.

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