Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st July 2023 Written Update


Teri Meri Doriyaan 1st July 2023 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Manbeer discusses Sahiba’s behaviour with Angad, but Angad decides to talk to her later. Meanwhile, Jasleen asks Seerat to serve the guests and expresses her pride in her. Seerat serves kababs, and one of the guests, Mark, comments on the unique taste due to the excess salt. Seerat offers to prepare something spicier for him, but Mark insists it’s already prepared. Angad engages in conversation with the guests while Sahiba arrives and takes over the serving from Seerat.

Jasleen introduces Gary, her son and Angad’s right-hand man, to the guests. A guest questions Gary’s absence from the meeting, and Jasleen explains that he is working on an important project. She clarifies that Seerat is Gary’s wife, not Angad’s, much to the surprise of the guests. However, Mark, who has been eyeing Seerat, taunts Angad by commenting on Seerat’s beauty and deeming Sahiba as insignificant. Angad becomes furious and confronts Mark, warning him about his drunken state.

Despite the guests’ inappropriate remarks, Angad physically assaults Mark to teach him a lesson. Seerat becomes emotional and hugs Angad, but quickly realizes her action and apologizes before leaving the scene. Mark’s partner apologizes on Mark’s behalf and takes him away. Seerat contemplates how everyone must perceive her, especially Angad, after the unexpected hug. Sahiba approaches her, offering support and reassurance.

Angad drinks water while Akaal suggests canceling all deals with Mark. Jaspal argues against it, fearing potential losses. Akaal expresses his willingness to bear the losses to protect the family’s reputation. Jasleen criticizes Angad for resorting to violence, and Akaal suggests involving the police. Sahiba arrives, and Jasleen blames her for the delay. A heated argument ensues, with Akaal expressing his disappointment and loss of trust in Angad.

Sahiba tries to explain her situation to Angad, mentioning that she was locked in a classroom without network access. However, Angad refuses to listen, accusing her of breaking his trust and tarnishing his reputation. He expresses his disappointment and regrets being a supportive husband.

Precap: The police arrive to arrest Akaal Singh based on a complaint filed against him. Jasleen questions Sahiba about the complaint, but Sahiba denies any involvement. Jasleen shows a video where Sahiba is seen blaming Akaal and filing a complaint against him, leaving Sahiba shocked.

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