Udne Ki Aasha 24th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Sayali Faces Renu’s Harshness

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Paresh and Renu argue at the beginning of the episode. Renu asks Sayali to prepare Pulao and Shrikand for Paresh. Sayali asks Paresh if he wants any special dishes. Renu asks why you are asking him. Isn’t my word worth anything? He says she is just asking; don’t get angry. He sends Sayali. Renu taunts Sayali and asks her to put the Basmati rice back. She says we can take as much rice as we need.

When she sees the containers, she warns Sayali not to do anything without my permission. She leaves. She cries. After finishing the work, Sayali calls Juhi. She says she is bored and has no one to talk to after completing the job. Juhi asks her to watch TV. Sayali says no, Renu will scold me if her sleep is disturbed. Juhi tells her to learn to answer Renu, or Renu will scold her. Paresh and Akash care for me, Sayali says.

Sayali says she wants to come home, but what will Renu say? Juhi tells her not to be afraid. Sayali says you study well and do a job to earn respect. Juhi says to wait till Sachin returns. Sayali says I got a villain in my fate. She ends the call. I asked how she found out, and Renu says I found out Tejas was in Canada. Akash asks her how she found out. It’s good that he got settled, he’s chosen a dreamy life, one day he’ll be a big man.

It was unfair that Akash did that. She says if he succeeds, he will help you open a restaurant. He says forget it and get some food. He ends the call. Paresh and Renu come for dinner. Sayali serves the food. Renu finds ways to insult Sayali. Sayali remembers Renu’s words and doesn’t eat as much as she should. Paresh watches as he asks Sayali to eat more food. She says no, this is enough. He says children should eat well, so take more. She eats.

Sayali washes the utensils while Paresh enters. She mentions that she doesn’t like to rest, and he asks if she has spoken to Sachin about his return. She confirmed she had, but he did not mention when he would return. Paresh suggests she call him to inquire, and Sayali agrees, asking what she should talk about. Paresh advises her to ask about his journey and urges her to make the call. After speaking with Sachin, who asks who it is, Sayali hangs up, feeling restless when they chat instead of getting some sleep.

She calls Juhi and talks to her about the situation. She expresses her frustration with being unable to eat correctly in this house, unlike at their home, where she never hesitated to enjoy food. Sayali also realized that despite being financially poor, they were rich in other ways. Renu’s watchful gaze worsened things, as she couldn’t eat more. Juhi sympathizes with Sayali’s plight and calls her impossible, reminding her that it is her own house and Sachin earns for them. But Sayali insists it’s just one day and asks Juhi not to mention anything to their mother. Reluctantly, Juhi agrees. Meanwhile, Shobha overhears their conversation and becomes upset. The following day, Sayali wakes up early and starts working around the house. When Renu answers a call for Sayali, Shobha questions why Renu has been giving Sayali a hard time and reminds her that Sayali has every right to cook and eat well in her own home. This only fuels Renu’s anger further.

Paresh says fantastic. The coffee is incredible. Renu disputes with him. He said she made good coffee, you also had it. Sayali thinks I will go out. Renu says you started outing, your mum praised you a lot, you cannot sit at home. Paresh says to listen to her first. Renu taunts Sayali and thinks she’ll get some vegetables for breakfast. He asks if you taunted her and got it done. She’s very responsible. Renu answers yes, she’s very responsible.


Sayali asks Sachin for money. Sachin asks Sayali to give Renu the money. Renu refuses to take it. Sachin argues with Sayali.

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