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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18th June 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Akshara begins the episode, she asks Muskaan why he is worried. Muskaan asks who will take care of Amma when I leave. Akshara says Abhinav and I will handle everything, so enjoy your wedding and get ready. Kairav throws a flower at Muskaan, and Akshara applies haldi to him. He runs after her. Manish appears. Muskaan thinks sorry to lie, but I have no choice, I don’t want to trouble you.

I will apply haldi to him as his sister, she says. Manish also applies haldi to Kairav and laughs. Suvarna also joins them and applies the haldi. Everyone applies the haldi. Chand chakora… Plays… All the guests dance. Abhir asks is this uncle my dad, no, if I get my real dad, I won’t leave Abhinav, Aarohi told me my father was here, so I just wanted to check out who he was. Ruhi wonders whether he is good or evil. Abhir says there’s no problem. Akshara asks Abhinav to hurry up.

The haldi falls over Surekha when Abhinav runs over her. She screams and asks what did you do. Everyone smiles. Surekha says it was my designer saree. Abhinav says sorry. Manish stops Akshara. He says Surekha is right, this didn’t happen right, you must pay for it. He applies haldi to Abhinav and laughs. As they play holi with the haldi, Abhir asks if this plan doesn’t work out.

As Ruhi says, if something falls on my foot or mom’s, we scream in the same tone, and we’ll see who screams with you. They do and drop a glass on a man’s foot. He doesn’t scream. Abhir and Ruhi apologize. Abhimanyu’s foot is hit. He screams. Abhir and Ruhi hear him and come to see. Akshara apologizes. Abhimanyu says he is fine.

Abhir and Ruhi approach Abhimanyu, who then accompanies them. Abhir expresses his suspicion about Doc man being his father and mentions that their voices are quite similar. He decides to wait for his mother to reveal the truth. Ruhi agrees with a simple “okay”. Surekha realizes there is no water in the tap and laments about not being able to take a bath. Abhinav comes to her aid by giving her a bottle of water. However, she jokes about not needing so much water just to bathe and playfully reminds everyone that she had suggested having the wedding in Udaipur. Akshara announces that the water has returned, which catches everyone’s attention. She then proceeds to bring a bucket and pot of water. Abhinav regrets not being called for help, but Abhimanyu steps in and takes the pot from Akshara’s hand.

Abhinav takes a step back as Abhimanyu teases Akshara. She playfully responds and suggests they both take a bath. A disagreement ensues, but Manjiri finds it amusing. Abhimanyu asks Akshara to fetch a pipe while Surekha points out the lack of water. Kairav finds it all amusing while Neela offers to check on the situation. Dadi tells everyone to stay put and enjoy the show. Akshara then decides to go and see for herself. Meanwhile, Abhir and Ruhi walk on the pipe and sing a rhyme, catching Akshara’s attention. She calls them over just as the water starts flowing through the pipe. Excitedly, Surekha exclaims that water has finally come while Manish invites everyone to take a bath whenever they want. Abhir adds some fun by splashing water on everyone as they all share in laughter.

Aarohi smiles seeing Abhimanyu and Ruhi. Akshara smiles seeing Abhinav and Abhir. Dev sees Kairav and Muskaan. He calls her. He makes a video. Abhimanyu sees him and recalls seeing him before. Dev leaves. Muskaan looks for money. Calling him and asking why he isn’t answering now. Kairav says Manish started playing Holi. Everyone gets messages at the same time. Akshara says Ruhi and Abhir will be messaging. They check and find Muskaan and Dev’s video shocking.


The final jodi is momma and doc man, Abhir says. Manjiri says they tried to stay away, but fate always brought them together. She asks Abhinav do you think they deserve another chance?

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