Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st December 2023 Written Episode: Ruhi and Abhira’s Romantic Gestures Upset Sanjay | Written Update

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The episode starts with Ruhi asking Rohit to join her. She wants to give bangles to Abhira. However, Rohit reminds her that it’s already midnight and it might be too late for them to be still awake. But Ruhi points out that the lights are still on. Rohit then mentions that some couples, unlike theirs, have a traditional husband-and-wife relationship based on friendship. This alludes to the fact that they have a unique bond different from others.

Meanwhile, Abhira recalls fond memories of playing with Akshu in the past. Armaan joins in and continues playing happily while “Ek hi zindagi meri…plays.” They enjoy blowing soap bubbles and tossing pillows around until they eventually fall asleep on the bed. When Ruhi enters and sees them asleep, she quietly leaves the room instead of waking them up. The following day, they wake up to find the room in disarray and argue about it before finally stepping out for the day’s activities.

Aryan apologizes for opening your mu dikhai gifts without your permission. She expresses disapproval and then kindly tells you to choose whatever you like from the gifts. She also mentions that they are expensive. She converses with him until Dadi interrupts and reminds them that such behavior is unacceptable in her house. Armaan gestures for Abhira to be quiet and humbly folds his hands. Abhira manages to control her emotions. Their cousins gather around a world map and discuss their potential honeymoon destinations. They suggest that the newlyweds go on a romantic getaway, but Abhira shakes her head in refusal. Krish asks for Armaan’s opinion, Kiara suggests Paris, and Charu proposes Switzerland as a possible location for their honeymoon. Rohit suggests they all take a trip together instead, which earns them all a round of applause. As Armaan looks over at Ruhi, he becomes emotional and sheds tears.

Rohan calls Sanjay. Rohan says sorry. Gadkari doesn’t want you to fight the case. Sanjay says I will pay you, but who asked him not to give it to me? Rohan replies Manish Goenka. Sanjay gets angry. Dadi says you won’t go on honeymoon together. Rohit speaks to her. He says Armaan and I didn’t go on double dates either, so please let us go. Armaan replies that Dadi is right, I can’t go, I have pending case hearings. Dadi says only Rohit and Ruhi will go on honeymoon.

Rohit declines, stating that he had initially agreed to pursue a career as a successful lawyer, surpassing even Armaan’s achievements. However, due to this decision, his honeymoon plans have been canceled, and he apologizes for any inconvenience caused. Rohit reassures Ruhi by asking if she would feel upset, to which she responds with a nod. He then declares that nobody will be going anywhere for the time being. Suddenly, Dadi yells Rohit’s name and signals him to come over. Armaan apologizes for any trouble caused, and Dadi ultimately agrees to let the four of them go on the trip together. Overjoyed, Rohit embraces Dadi in gratitude while Armaan and Abhira whisper amongst themselves. Meanwhile, Sanjay joins the conversation and asks why Manish is trying to sabotage their firm and if they have any involvement. Rohit urges Sanjay to remain calm while he explains the situation – Manish had convinced a client not to give them a case.

Dadi instructs everyone to prepare for the reception. Rohit reassures her, saying Dadi will take care of everything. They all leave for their respective tasks. Meanwhile, Dadi assures them that she will handle everything. Abhira informs Ruhi that she has already had breakfast and reminds her to take Armaan’s tiffin. Vidya encourages Ruhi to go, while Manisha mentions packing extra food for her. Vidya acknowledges Ruhi’s upset state but advises her not to let Sanjay’s quick temper get to her. Abhira smiled, thanked them, and headed off, grateful for their support. At the same time, Armaan and Rohit are at the office discussing the commotion at home. Rohit suggests they escape it all by going on a honeymoon and urges Armaan not to worry anymore.

I’m worried for the clients, Armaan says. Rohit tells him you can’t forget your love. It’s tough, but… They see Ruhi and Abhira with their tiffins. Rohit asks them to come. Sanjay gets angry and says I lost the case and client because of Ruhi and Abhira. Krish says they aren’t. Sanjay slaps him and asks him to argue when he grows up. Krish cries. Abhira asks Armaan to staple the saree. Armaan jokes about her.

The two argue sweetly. He says a stapler pin will prick you. She smiles. Dadi blesses Ruhi. She asks Kajal about Sanjay. She says the Goenkas should not know about it, and I’ll talk to them. Krish lies to Aryan about the slap mark on his cheek. Abhira and Armaan arrive downstairs. Everyone smiles. Abhira wears a dress instead of a saree. She holds Armaan and walks downstairs. Dadi watches.


During the party, both couples dance. Sanjay gets angry with Abhira and Manisha. Ruhi says he is just her Nanu.

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