Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Abhira’s Dilemma and Yuvraj’s Arrival

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 9th February 2024 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Manisha asks Dadi to attend the fair. Vidya advises that we go on Manish’s invitation. Dadi says, “Look at my age.” Abhira smiles and prays for Dadi. Like you, I prayed I would stay physically fit and fine in old age. You are evergreen, that’s not a lie, show me your body. There are muscles in my body. Dadi has muscles, and she is fit and fine, but she has dedicated her life to her family. Dadi says life is with the family.

Abhira says yes, you solve everyone’s problems. It’s your duty to support them in happiness. Until you enjoy life, you’ll never be able to maintain everyone’s enjoyment. She leaves. Dadi says she will give me Gyaan now. Manisha says I won’t. Dadi says we’ll go for a while. Armaan recalls Ruhi’s words.

Abhira comes and says you didn’t see the needle and thread there, I will use a stapler, and do not expect me to apologize. She fixes his shirt. She says I had removed all buttons, how did this button come, it is okay, we are getting late, win the case, good luck. She said she was smiling and that it would be a good day. Upon arriving in Udaipur, Sanjay asks if Yuvraj wants to go to the farmhouse. Yuvraj stops his car. He says he misses Mussoorie. The man asks him to move the car.

After beating the man, he climbs on top of the car. He says, “I’m not a hero; I’m a villain. Does anyone want to ask me anything?” The people get scared. Yuvraj says, Abhira, I’m here. Sanjay arrives and sees him. Abhira apologizes for being late. Charu asks why you always show up late. Abhira replies, Ask Armaan. Dev says we have a high profile case, Abhira Sharma will help me. Abhira thanks him. He asks her to go over the files. She says this is very important to me and that I will work hard. Dadi,

Manisha and Vidya are with Ruhi. Ruhi wants them to leave. Dadi says we won’t go. Ruhi says she has a fever. Armaan comes. Vidya says Ruhi has a fever; you must take care of her; we must go to Goenkas; Charu will come later. Armaan asks Manisha if Abhira fixed that shirt. She says you didn’t get a perfect wife, but she solves any problem and will save you from trouble. Dadi says we should leave now. They leave.

Charu argues with Abhira. Yuvraj sees Abhira and his pic. Sanjay watches. Yuvraj says she is a lioness. Sanjay recalls Abhira’s words. He thinks I should tell him about Armaan and Abhira’s marriage. No, he’s crazy. I’m dismissing his case and sending him away. Don’t worry, he says. I’ll handle it. You can go to Dubai. Don’t bother. He leaves.

He asks the waiter not to let Yuvraj go anywhere. He recalls Armaan. He says he troubled us a lot. Armaan thinks about what to do. Pyaar jhuta tha….plays… Ruhi cries. Abhira asks why he is taking my file. Charu says just to read. They argue. Abhira prays. Yuvraj shoots at the wall.

VP Vikash Bharadwaj introduces himself to Yuvraj. Manish says Madhav and Manoj didn’t come. Vidya says they wanted to come, but they are busy. Armaan takes care of Ruhi. She makes him go. He shouts to Abhira.


Ruhi stops Armaan. Yuvraj says Abhira got married. Abhira calls Armaan and asks him to come to the cafeteria.

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