Agnisakshi 10th April 2023 Written Update


Agnisakshi 10th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode begins with Pradeep entering the kitchen and offering Jeevika some sweets. She declines, saying she has already indulged in them all night, but thanks him for bringing her favorite treats. Pradeep expresses his love for Jeevika, to which she responds that she is happy he understands her love. Meanwhile, Manas notices Satvik’s happiness and credits Jeevika for helping him find himself again. He also praises her for managing the household so well. Satvik clarifies that he does not love Jeevika as he loves Supriya. As he professes his everlasting love for Supriya, Pradeep overhears and slaps him hard.

Siddhi calls Jeevika and wishes her happy birthday. She asks her to tell her that she is missing her and did not enjoy her birthday. Jeevika says that her birthday is very memorable because she gets love from everyone, including Shlok, Aadhya, Baba and many others. She says everyone does something special for her. Siddhi asks what about Satvik.

Pradeep demands an explanation for Manas’ betrayal of his sister. Manas insists that Pradeep listens first. Pradeep questions why Manas married his sister even though he loved someone else. Satvik remains silent throughout the conversation. Manas reveals that Jeevika knew about Supriya but still chose to marry him. This news shocks Pradeep. Jeevika confides in Siddhi about Satvik and expresses her concerns about being a small part of his life. Siddhi hopes that Jeevika will also find a place in Satvik’s heart. Pradeep firmly states that Jeevika will not end up with Satvik and will not give up on her dreams, as he believes Manas is lying to protect her.

As Narayan tells them about Satvik, Pallavi informs Jeevika that their husbands are missing. Pradeep comes and takes Jeevika forcibly. Pallavi says he took her to surprise her. Satvik is asked why he is silent. Satvik says it is my fault, and says Pradeep Dada is angry with me. Manas says he should tell everyone. Satvik says everyone will know sooner rather than later.

Jeevika is asked if she knows about Satvik and Supriya. Rajnandini takes Pallavi into the room and tells her that if anyone learns of it she will put all the blame on her. She advises her to stop him from doing so. Jeevika says she knows about her, and she’s very happy here. Pradeep says he won’t let you commit suicide here, and he will take her home.

Despite Jeevika’s refusal, Pradeep insists that Satvik will never see her as his wife. However, Jeevika argues that to her, Satvik is already her husband. As Narayan offers Manohar some cake, he kindly invites him to join in. But when Satvik arrives to intervene, Pradeep announces his intention to take Jeevika away. In response, Satvik firmly declares that Jeevika is staying put and that no one can force her to leave. Grateful for the respect shown by Satvik, Jeevika is reminded of the love she shares with him. And despite Pradeep’s words questioning their relationship, Satvik simply lets go of Jeevika’s hand.

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