Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 11th September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 11th September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vaibhav saying company is sending me to America, I am getting a promotion, I have to go in 2 months, I would like to marry Vandana and take her with me, but you all don’t seem interested, so tell me what to do. It is his intention to leave with his family. Mrunal thinks Vaibhav will go to the US and get settled. Vedika asks what happened to Vandana. Bobby replies that everything is fine.

Vaibhav leaves when Kunal sees him. Pammi asks what happened, did Vandana cause the meeting to fail. Vijay says I’m to blame. Vandana tells him not to say that, that he should go for a change. Kunal does aarti with his family. Vandana also prays. She plays the shank. Aaji asks Vandana to go to Vedika and Parisa, thank Kunal, and take prasad. Mrunal picks Vandana up.

Kunal and Vandana bump into each other. She rubs her head and, as a precaution, apologizes and thanks him. He inquires why. She explains that she found out about his assistance with the music producer and dropping her off at home. He responds graciously, stating he would have done it for anyone. Determined, she declares her intention to file a complaint against the music producer. Pammi observes them from afar with Mrunal by Bobby’s side. Pammi then dismisses Bobby and proceeds to criticize Mrunal. Vedika and Parisa approach them just then. Pammi warns Mrunal not to get close to Bobby, adding that she will never be able to win him over.

As the sun rose, Kunal rushed to check the newspaper. “Where’s the paper?” he exclaimed. While Vandana mopped up water, Aaji pointed out that there was a leak. Frowning, Vandana warned about potential damage to the walls. Aaji sighed and remarked about the challenges of living in a bungalow. As she prepared for her interview, Vandana admitted feeling nervous, but she didn’t want to generalize based on one person’s actions. Just then, Pammi appeared with the newspaper and asked what was wrong. Kunal’s shocked expression as he read the news explained everything. Meanwhile, Vandana remained oblivious to the paper as Anagha engaged in a heated argument with Shivam.

Shivam wraps his arms around Vandana, prompting Aaji to reassure her with understanding, but she advises him to lower his voice. She then offers Shivam breakfast as Vandana picks up the newspaper. Vandana’s face immediately shows shock as she sees a picture of herself and Kunal together. Kunal takes a look and comments that he’s been receiving calls about the photo and asks who took it. The phones of everyone in the room start ringing, causing Kunal to suggest putting them on silent mode. Pammi chimes in, reminding Kunal to be cautious of the media while insinuating that Vandana may have orchestrated this situation for her own gain. She assures him that she will not allow any girl to come between them.

Guneet is suggesting that we reconsider holding the party and carefully think about our actions. However, she also believes that we should not cancel the party as it is an important event for our investors and media. We need to handle it well and make a good impression. Kunal, on the other hand, does not enjoy parties and would prefer to focus on work instead. Guneet reminds him that it is important for us to impress the investors who will be attending. She assures him that she can handle any issues with the neighbors. When she sees Vandana, Guneet makes a sarcastic remark before inviting both her and Vaibhav to the party. Despite our past misunderstandings, Guneet believes that someone needs to be the bigger person and act graciously. She also promises to resolve any issues regarding a photo matter before leaving the conversation.

Pammi says don’t worry, I don’t have much on my mind, don’t worry, just enjoy the party, and Vedika asks if you went to invite them. Mrunal asks what shall I wear. Vandana tells Aaji what Pammi said. Mrunal says you all can’t digest if anyone does well, issues will get resolved. She says I’ll get ready. She thinks I’ll make videos and contact. She smiles. Kunal and Vandana worry.


Seeing Mrunal, Vaibhav compliments her and smiles.

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